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I am currently heavily inactive on this site, if you want to get in touch or see things I am doing try some of the following links.

Other websites I use:
www.youtube.com/user/Ragnaroki… - Let's plays / story readings / random videos
www.fimfiction.net/user/Ragnar… - If after MLP based stories go here instead.
ragnarokia.newgrounds.com/ - Daily checking here, not posting much though currently.

Ask me for any desired contact details, Skype etc.
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My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
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THE LOG: A Dwarfer's guide to everything
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For the lines I am still getting used to the tablet, I am not able to do them as curved and less wobbly etc. as I can on paper, that much will only really come with time. As for the strait line ability, there is only the option of vertical and horizontal that seems to work in photoshop, the line and pen tool are far to overly complicated to try and get working, they just make a mess.

I didn't forget to add the outline colours on, the background objects like the photo and other scenery are all made without outlines in the scene I used for reference from The Stare Master, so I kept to the show's style with the background. The table however I do agree I should have likely made an outline of that looking back at it as it is in the foreground. But I intentionally made all background items single colours.

I have no idea how to use perspective tools etc, atm, still getting used to the basics of the programs I use so will be a while until I start trying out such things. The table did cause a lot of problems and in the end I just went with how it turned out, it wasn't worth spending even more hours just trying to get the table cloth to look ok I already spend about 2 hours alone on trying to make the pattern at least vaguely accurate, trying to add perspective etc. to that I will just not try at the moment until I get more used to other things. Better to get used to the basics first.

I have no idea what the pushpin is, but if it will help with trying to curve lines will try look up what it is for the next time. The light reflection I did roughly similar to some reference images I was drawing using which had similar lighting effects on them. I was planning to do shadows also, but I couldn't get them to look right so it was best to leave them out for the time being.

Sadly the problem with the lines being rugged is the main problem I have, which I can't seem to solve as the lines just end up rough when I draw them on the tablet. I have tried using some tools in the program but they never seem to do anything to help.
Fluttershy eating Jelly Cubes
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This is a beautiful picture. Both ponies look happy and calm to see each other, with their blushing adding move love to the piece. The reflection of light in both of their eyes is delicate yet also shows how they are both staring into each others gaze, keeping eye contact showing even deeper how much they are loving to be there. The colouring and it's shading are all brilliant and correct, and the way the whole piece is shaped in the dome like perimeter closes the focus deeper into the scene, showing how the surroundings of the picture aren't important and that the important thing that all focus should go to is the two ponies. Overall I really love this, really sweet and cute. And Rainbow Dash is being very charming.
Flower for my Flower
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This is very beautiful, it brings up more ideas about what magic she and other unicorns could posses, with the notion of being able to summon magical beings. Reminding me of Summoners from Final Fantasy games.
The summoned creature itself looks good, with the white magical energy from Twilight's eyes when she glows with magic. It really makes it seem like the creature itself is somehow connected to her, like it's a part of her soul. Which I find with how it looks back at her to strike a questionable relationship between them, which brings up more questions leaving it open to think about.

As a whole the drawing style itself I love, the colouring and shading is very nice, every colour seems to have a second shade to blend with it so nothing looks out of place.

The only real bad thing I can point out would be her facial expression, but as noted it was made without a picture reference, so I let that slide as for no reference this does look surprisingly accurate, and as a whole look beautiful.

Personally I love it, and it's a definite favourite and save for me. The summoning aspect and the creature itself is just plain beautiful. A very good take on Twilight Sparkle's magical prowess.
Sparkle's Summon