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The Space Between

Was having some real trouble settling on a composition for this one, but after randomly hearing the song "Dave Matthews Band - The Space Between", I chose this :)

Full view essential ;)

:+fav: and comments are appreciated as always

Technical Information:

Everything you see in this piece is selfmade in Photoshop+Terragen
PSD size: 120MB
Time Spent: I would estimate around 10hours + the time it took me to learn how to use Terragen
Original Size is 2446*2000, so if anyone wants a specific size for wallpaper or similar you can download and resize :)
Image details
Image size
2446x2000px 5.79 MB
© 2007 - 2021 Ragnarokfo
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Справа в нижнем углу угол виден =) а в целом THE BEST !!! =)
Awesome, think i'll download it and if you don't mind i'll use it as background for a website page! You've earned a fave! ^^
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What a dreamlike place.
It's awesome!:D
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makes me speechless.. i seen this picture by a music video.. all i seen was "the space between" and googled for almost a hour in search for this picture in better quality, finally checked DA... and found it, i absolutly love it. greta work
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I love looking at this pic while listening to the space between remix by tiesto.
it definitely brings a whole other level of emotion to it. :]
I would come there everyday if it really existed <3
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nice. makes me wish that i could fly underneath the stars on a breezy summer night. sux that we'll never know what that is like.
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ıt's really great work!!!!
what kind of photo shop did you use for this? VERY good work!
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awesome job, makes me wish we could all go slipping threw space
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AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! :O!!!!!!!!!!
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I'm glad you approve :D
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fantastic, how is it possible for any human being to make something THIS awesome?!
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ahh trust me there are a lot of other "humans" capable of making much more awesome stuff ;)
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nuh uh!!!!!!!!!!!!! that freakin pwns
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hehe, thank you :)
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more than amazing! :D fav! maybe 2 many flair stars, otherwise amazing!
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