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Well, apparently I've leapt past 500 watchers, so Im going to have to do something for that, but I'll need a while to decide what.

In the meantime, Whisky making bread. (I've already established her as something of a cook, so it felt like time to build on that more).


Fracturing Veil

It is 2018.

The United Kingdom is still arguing over Brexit, Angela Merkel has been sworn in for her fourth term as German chancellor, and a disillusioned AI super-soldier is failing to live a normal life.

After witnessing vampires attack a police officer she'd only just met, the pair are thrown into a world hidden from mortal eyes. Recruited by "Cerberus", they find themselves working alongside a sarcastic half-dragon, a distant arachne sorceress, and other paranormal denizens in order to try to maintain a 500-year ceasefire.

This is the Fracturing Veil.


Rendered in Daz Studio with Nvidia Iray
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