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Fight in the Basilica

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Last of today's art dump, and I have NO damned idea which category is the right one for this.

It's a digital manipulation of one of the photos I took at this year's "Inquisitor Grand Tournament" - which as the photo was originally of a collection of real-life miniatures (themselves works of traditional art).

Digital Photomanipulation? Traditional sculpture? Traditional miniature painting? Scene photography?
I hate having to use "Digital Mixed Media" for something where the digital work is a mere fraction of the end result.

Anyway, I can't even begin to take complete credit for this piece.

So, to give credit where it's due:
- The board itself is the work of Warhammer World.
- The red figure with the plasma sword (Techpriest Orla Riall), and the helmeted berserker behind her ("The Pariah") are the work of David Knowles.
- All the brown robed figures (Reverend Warden Faust and the Pilgrims), as well as the central shrine, are the work of Rob MacFarlane (who also wrote the scenario which the characters were playing out).

Which leaves my work as the manipulation, the three remaining figures (Renatus, the red male on the left; Lyra, the female with the brown hat and revolver; and Kai, the armoured soldier half hiding behind a pillar on the right), and the actual photography.

So, all in all, quite a few people involved, even if some didn't realise they were going to be.
I very much enjoyed both the original day, and the photo-manipulation afterwards.

Anyway, for reference, the original photo can be seen in an unmodified state here.
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Dec 12, 2009, 11:06:43 AM
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very cool,nice work and I hope you had a very Merry Christmas
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RagnarokEOTWHobbyist General Artist
Indeed I did have a good Christmas.
I have a very large crate of model paints now, so I'll be able to improve on my skills in that area.

Of course, this may well end up being secondary to ordering myself a really decent graphics tablet (in short, my current one is pretty rubbish) and having fun with that.

The one I've got my eye on, the Trust TB-7300, seems to get good reviews and, depending on how you rate various features, can even beat tablets that go for £400 (Typically about $500 for the same model in the US.)

And all for the much more reasonable price tag of £90 - and being lucky enough to still be reasonably young, Christmas tends to improve my finances rather than worsen them, so it looks like that will be on my shopping list.
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lol yeah Christmas can put a good dent in the old wallet thats for sure!! lol
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RagnarokEOTWHobbyist General Artist
That would be the reason why the companies start advertising as early as September... to try and make the wallet dents all the larger.

I thought they'd have realised by now that everyone rushes out in the last fortnight to buy presents then.
I know I've never started Christmas shopping in September!
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my wife does.She is usually done by the beging of November!! Me ,I'm out Christmas Eve shopping for everyone!! lol
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RagnarokEOTWHobbyist General Artist
Well yes, but women are more organised.

My personal problem with Christmas shopping (or indeed, birthdays) is that usually, I have no idea what to get some people - so I'm out at the last minute, trying to find something which will do.

Occasionally, I have a stroke of genius for one or two people, but that's about as far as it goes.

It's not all that surprising a problem - I'm often not sure about what I want to buy for myself, and muse for days, weeks, sometimes even months.
There is even something I only recently bought which, at best guess, I started thinking about buying 5 years ago.

But I'm trying to be a little more impulsive and seize the day more often - because it's often the choices I was least sure about that have proven the best.

That's actually part of the reason I'm looking at graphics tablets - I've been thinking about getting a better one for sometime now, and I figured that as I currently have some spare cash, it might as well be now.
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see,I alwasy know exactly what to get and where I just love waiting till the last min. to get things done.I do my best work under pressure
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