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Don't see how that's a party [SFM/Fracturing Veil]

Continuing the semi-canon nonsense (with some extra supposition about some unfortunate guards), Nyx's Halloween costume for this year, which is in no way a cheap visual pun.

I'm quite happy with this one, as the sum total of the post production trickery was fixing a couple of small clipping issues with the healing brush, and I think it's looking fairly good for "pure" Source.


General background:
"Fracturing Veil" is an in-development science-fantasy setting, set in an alternate modern day where artificial intelligence and robotics have made great leaps; While truly conscious AI remains an highly expensive and equally legislated scarcity, lesser automatons have become a familiar sight throughout the industrialised world.

But under this veil of modernity lies a hidden world of beasts and daemons, a realm kept secret by ancient pacts and concealing magics. The main story revolves around an ex-military AI prototype inadvertently discovering this underground reality, and thus finding herself inducted into a world of the paranormal.
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Can I ask where you found the spider model for SFM?