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Burning angel wings to dust

By RagnarokEOTW
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Okay, she's not an angel and the wings are made solely of fire, but I couldn't resist using a lyric from Nightwish's "I wish I had an Angel" as the title for this.

What we have here is one of my OCs, Maya Avens - a powerful psyker with talents for pyrokinesis, some telepathy, and some microtelekinesis - making something of a display of her talents.

This piece is a bit of an apology to the few watchers I have - who have largely been assailed with sketches and unfinished pieces for the last few months - so here's something that I've actually finished.

As usual for my work, this piece has developed rather slowly - I started the linework for this May 14th. (You can see early sketchwork at this link).

I was finished with the sketching about a day later - and it turns out I'm a LOT messier an artist than I thought I was - it took me five days to clean up the linework prior to colouring it.

It does beg the question of why I don't simply do the linework digitally - and I would, if I could. But I'm not as good at planning out an image on the screen, and my graphics tablet isn't really "fluid" enough for doing linework.

That said, I did push it a lot further than normal this time around - I redrew several lines that I took a dislike to, as well as doing all those swirls and patterns.
Still, wouldn't want to work from scratch with it, as it's just more work. As and when/if I get a better tablet, then I'll likely do some solely digital pieces, but that's still in the future.

So, after that, it took me another four days to get the colouring done. The whole thing spans (I think) 112 layers in Photoshop, and that's after some merges and a few deletions.

There's a couple of mistakes, and definitely some room for improvement, but I think it makes a reasonable showcase of my current talent.

Anyway - comments, favourites, chocolate chip cookies, clean duvet covers, weapons grade ginger beer, ironic submissions for featured status, flux capacitors, metric copper pipe fittings, working wireless cards for a Mitac 8227D laptop, avalanche search poles and coupons for discount psychiatry all accepted.
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