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Asawira 1

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I've been getting into Corvus Belli's Infinity game recently, so as I was in a bit of a rut, I figured it was about time I drew something from it.

What we have here is a female Asawira from the Haqqislam faction, and who will eventually be my force's overall commander - at least in fluff terms.
Unfortunately, she doesn't yet happen to have a name... need to work on that.

Anyway, this is still WIP, as I think I want to add more into the work before colouring it, but there's enough to be worth showing the very few of you who actually watch my dA.

EDIT: Uploaded a larger download version.

Infinity and related material are the intellectual property of Corvus Belli S.L.L.
The scrawlings are the work of myself.
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Ahead01Student General Artist
Very Nice Indeed!! Well Done Really Liked the Artificial Fibres! :D
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BlackMonk13Hobbyist General Artist
as i first saw this picture in the infinity forum, i though "i don't like this style, lets move on to the next thread" - what a mistake :D.
looking at it longer than a few seconds i realised that you have a great accuracy in lineart. as i am used to do more messy, sketchy lines and mostly see such kind of linework, your picture was quite unusual to me. for example the very straight lines of the tent were not what i expected :D.

but i like your work :). the rifle looks good, and the asawira looks very slick and hardened, just as she is ingame. also the cyber muscles are well drawn :). the only thing i do not like is her very static pose. i know, its almost the ancient greek kontrapost, but with the very straight lines of the tent in her environment and the desert/plains around that, there is not much going on, so no dynamics. but that is a matter of taste, regarding technique and anatomy knowledge i do not see any mistakes :D.
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RagnarokEOTWHobbyist General Artist
I recognise the pose isn't very dynamic, but like a lot of what I draw, this was done to provide a visual reference for a character's appearance. She'll probably get something more dynamic drawn for her in future.

As for the lines, that's mostly just the advantage of digital art - being able to zoom in and do fine adjustments, or just "shift click" and get the computer to draw any straight lines for you!
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BlackMonk13Hobbyist General Artist
this was not meant as a negative comment, just my own preferences, though :).