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7 Days to the Wolves

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Yeah, I'm almost 21 - assuming Silva even lets me get that far during her demands for "contract renegotiation".

Being nearly 21 is an odd feeling. Years back, I'd be looking forward to a birthday for weeks. In recent years, they seem to have started to sneak up on me and do odd things like make me an adult or finish my teenage years almost without me noticing.

There's not much special legally about turning 21 in the UK, but it still feels like a landmark - but one I was far more interested by in the past than I am now.


Anyway, there's quite a lot to be said about this piece, enough that I'll probably forget some of it.

Regulars will recognise the corset from "Not to Her Liking", which I've tried to reproduce almost to each individual swirl, although I've changed the precise design of the knickers.

This piece, aside from being a (slightly perverted*) early birthday present to myself is also reference for the redesign of Silva's shoulder (which is of course normally covered) without drawing her in even less clothing or drawing the arm alone.**

*Hey, I'm a heterosexual young adult male. It's to be expected.

**Rumours that I have drawn this to capitalise on the large number of favourites I got last time she was drawn like this are completely unfounded.

As you can see, the shoulder is more organic than it used to be, being based more around the shoulder's actual bone structure. The whole redesign I did (although I was somewhat hesistant to do it) was to make it possible to draw the arm in a full range of positions without it looking weird.

Yeah, there's little that's still the same about her as when I first drew her three and a half years ago, but I'm not going to complain too loudly. She's grown - as have I, I suppose.

This piece was drawn, scanned, cleaned up, digitally "inked" and coloured within a day of when I started, so that makes it very fast by my previous standards - it also shows how much I learnt during the process of my last colouring.

This time, no photos were used for pose reference (not that I always do use them), and instead, she was built up from a sketched skeleton. Lots of reference to my anatomy books for the skeleton and musculature though.
So, I'm picking up a whole load of detail of anatomy I didn't know before. Eventually, the plan is to be able to work without any of this stuff, but for now, this is an improvement.

Silva is quite a hard character to get completely right. She needs to be somewhat muscular, but still feminine, quite a tough combination that I only get right on occasion. This is probably slightly light on the muscle, but it'll do.

This is the first piece I've been brave enough to upload at 1800x2400 download resolution (although standard full view is at the normal 800 pixel size, so as not to overload people's screens). All my previous pieces have been a bit too messy to upload at this kind of scale.

Anyway, I seem to have written a short essay now, so I'll leave my explaining there there unless I remember something I've forgotten.

It seems I'll have to get working on something else soon, as I'm nearly up to 1000 pageviews. Not a big landmark, but it's worth celebrating the small goals.


As seems to be typical when I haven't got a specific title in mind, the title is taken from my music collection.
It's a track by Nightwish from their "Dark Passion Play" album.

It's not my favourite of their tracks, but the title seemed appropriate - given it's a week until my birthday, and I have an over fascination with wolves.
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looks good man!! wait till you close in on 40 man!! lol It'll be here before you know it!!
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RagnarokEOTWHobbyist General Artist
I hope not. It seems like I barely have the time to get used to being one age before the next one decides to sneak up on me.
So I could do without 40 being here with any particular haste. 21 is a weird enough concept (I actually figured a while back the mental picture I have of my appearance is usually about three years out of date.)

Anywho, I've got to go to bed, but Silva's demanding to know what I'll being doing for her birthday (15th June... based on a few notes and some guesswork. Unfortunately, I didn't date my early pieces) so I suppose I've got to have that discussion first.

Thanks for the fave and comment.
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time flies when your having fun!! It goes by way too fast man!
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RagnarokEOTWHobbyist General Artist
Well, we'll have to see.

Unfortunately, the 1000 pageview deviation I'm almost needing to do is likely to get held up, given that my laptop's graphics card seems to have exploded (possible overexaggeration.)

Fortunately, it's still under warranty, but that doesn't change the fact that I'm without all the software I normally use for a while.