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My Bio

I'm Ragnarok, although if you know me from elsewhere, I may be David, Matt or Marco.

Art is something I enjoy, even if I don't excel at it. Swapping out the madness of real life with the madness of my mind is quite relaxing at times.

Other than art, I pass my time with wargaming, general DIY projects and forums.

So you know, I don't do dA gimmicks - I have no need for swapping imaginary badges or such like.

I'll look at your art if it's interesting, I'll fave it if I like it, and watch you if I like what you're doing in general. That's it.

For the sake of trivia, the letters at the end of my username are taken from "End Of The World" - Ragnarok being a Norse equivalent of the apocalypse.

Favourite Visual Artist
John Blanche - not for his skill (although I disagree with the common opinion he is a poor artist), but his creativity and style
Favourite Movies
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Beatles, Meat Loaf, Nightwish, Pink Floyd, Queen... mostly rock and metal, but I appreciate most genres.
Favourite Writers
Douglas Adams
Favourite Games
Inquisitor & Dark Heresy (both Games Workshop games)
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Wax/Clay shapers (for miniature sculpting), Photoshop Elements 6 & Aiptek 14000U graphics tablet (for digital drawing), Blender/Daz Studio/Source Filmmaker (Digital 3D art)
Other Interests
Engineering, Ballistics, Wargaming, etc.
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This is slightly late news, but my very overstretched GTX 1650 is being taken off rendering duty... Yes, I was actually able to get an RTX 3060 on launch day - and no, I didn't pay a scalper for it. This one came via Scan UK, although it took careful syncing of clocks to make sure I could add it to my basket and purchase as soon as possible after the 5pm UK launch time. It might be the least powerful of the 30 series so far, but it may well prove to be the stand-out Iray rendering card of this generation (even if reviewers are less enthusiastic about its gaming performance). In terms of benchmarks for Iray rendering, it's nearly a match for the flagship RTX 2080 Ti of the last generation - and, due to some odd decision making by NVidia, it's got more VRAM than any higher model other than the 3090 (which was kind of out of my budget), which is a key resource as far as how many assets can be fitted into a render. Either way, even if it's not the most powerful card in the range, it
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Okay, I got tagged by ~gorgonbreath (https://www.deviantart.com/gorgonbreath) So, eight things about myself: 1) I'm a strict vegetarian. 2) I once held the record at my Army Cadet detachment for target shooting. (Heck, I may still - I haven't exactly been kept up to date on the matter.) 3) I love the TV series Firefly. 4) I was once awake for 62 consecutive hours. My advice is "Don't". 5) I can (sort of) play the trumpet. 6) I have never been to a country outside Europe. 7) I can't think of anything to go here. 8) I once gave a talk on how not to lose Noughts and Crosses (or Tic-Tac-Toe, if you prefer that name). 9) My physics teacher declared me the most dangerous stu
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Well, judging by the long delays in updates for my gallery, you can tell that art progressing isn't one of the things really happening in my life. This is mostly because I'm on holiday, and although I've got my drawing stuff with me, the fact that my living quarters aren't exactly stable makes it hard. I'm on a canal boat, as the photo I added earlier demonstrates. I do want to get my WIP drawings going again, but it's not going to happen fast. I've always got a lot of projects on (I've been penning a tabletop gaming supplement and coding a trajectory simulator, amongst other smaller things), so each individual one moves somewhat sporadical
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Thanks for the faves! :)
Hey dude can you Work with the CK for F4?
I'm a modeller more than I am a coder, and even there (while I have worked with the Gamebryo and Creation engines), my real strength is the Source engine.

If you want someone to rip assets out of FO4 and put them into Source Filmmaker, that I can do, but if you want someone to help you code an FO4 mod, I'm not the right person to ask.

(I'm not totally incompetent on that front, but other people will be far more useful than me).
Well i was asking cause i know the creator of the Ares model for FNV. Hes doing the same now for the F4 and he had some stugles with the implementing of the models for F4 and CK work. So i was asking.
Alas, although I'd love to see the ARES project make it to F4 (being one of the better developed FNV companion mods), I wouldn't be much of a help - my knowledge of the CK is mostly down to getting clothing items in, tweaking the occasional parameter or writing very basic scripts. Large quest structures and dialogue trees are rather outside my limited skill set.
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Hey David, I found you on here  while looking at minis, looks like you did a name change. I see you still sculpting at large, keep it up!
Yeah, this account slightly predates my use of the "MarcoSkoll" name, and I've never seen fit to go to the trouble (and expense) of renaming.

I need to get back to the art in general though, I've been being very lazy about it for the last few months...