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It's days like these that I think of all those arguments for global warming, and then call bull.

Normally, it only slow for a little bit ere, around early january.  But its the end of February, and it snowed.  Global warming is a hoax!

It was weird to find, but it was nice.
  • Listening to: Brother playing Genji
  • Playing: PN03
I'd just like to say Merry Christmas to everyone out there!  I hope you had a merry holiday, and for those who do not wish to celebrate christmas, have a merry whichver holiday you choose to enjoy, whether it be Hanukah(sorry if if its spelled wrong) or Boxer day, or whichever, enjoy it.
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Fall term is almost done.  just tomorrow until I can dedicate time to my two new passions: a rekindled enjoyment of Final Fantasy XI and a new "job."  The be in quotes because it is random when I get to work.  but it's money, and semi good I hear.  Dunno.


Some drawings from my drawing class.  I like a few of them quite a bit, and I'm gonna try and fix em up a lil in photoshop first, to remove holes and tears.  The portfolio I held them in did not quite have enough size to it for a couple of the drawings to go uninjured.
Well now...its about time I said something again.  Its been what?  Eight months?  Phooie...

I have done a few things...


I may upload them sometime...maybe.  On World of Warcraft, there is a contest that started last Tuesday.  I soo wanted to join, and even tried.  But even on THursday...I heard claims of people having numerous level 25 characters.  Just two days in.  I have waay to much of a life to be able to do these.  And I wanted a position in the Burning Crusade beta too...

So annoying, so annoying.  For Sakura-con, I have this awesome and easy costume idea, but I need ta figure a way to get the two items I need.  Either from E-bay, or from someone who has them.  Violent!  Help me!  You know these things...I think.  I can handle the dye for the hair easy...and hopefully it doesn't linger too long.  Frankly, I like my golden locks the way they are.  As in, not orange.  No offense to the kin, but Im not an orange person.
Well, here I am, a month into school.  The classes are enjoyable for the most part.  Computer Science THANKFULLY is starting to challenge me, if just a little.  Math  is going looks simple at first, but is more complex then I want to think it is.  Curse ye, function limits.  I also joined the business club...and haven't heard much of any official meeting.  Lesse...Japanese should be fun.  On Tuesday the 27th, I get to go moon viewing while eating dango.  Dango are rice dumplings, for those less fluent with the culture.  I really, really hope I don't get sick off of them, like that one time I had too much mocchi...

Im about halfway through orientation as I write this.  ANd I have just been through one of the most tiring experiences in my life.  its motto it "Its Just Like That" and it's mascot is a little red boxer named Potato.  Some new friends and I went to Seattle for a few days, and waked around the city, visiting the zoo, Pike's Place Market, the mall, REI, EMP(which I did not go to) and Gameworks.  Gameworks, by the way, is awesome.  Its site is  And for those of you who have one in your local area, county, or even state, I envy you from the bottom of my heart.  Go there, and enjoy yourselves.  The games my gat a little pricey, but they are all good.  There was a bar, that I didn't dare try to get into.  I mostly played a weird little Sega arcade game called Mushiking.  Its like Rock-Paper-Scissors, except with beetles.  And its a card game too.  You get a card when you play, and you use it to make your beetle better then the other beetle...quirky little game, but fun.  And now for some news from the zoo.  Tapirs are not small.  They are big.  Like really big.  I could ride one.  And we saw a baby seagull with a birth defect/broken beak.  Not sure which, but when the keepers grabbed it to help it, it was loud.  I hope its ok.  And Toucans are cool.
Well, I went to another DBZ TCG tournament yesterday with a friend.  Loads more fun this time around.  More people were using the Re-Z decks then GT, so I currently have a perfect score over the Re-Z decks.  I don't expect the Undefeated status to last for very long of course.  3 battles isn't quite enough to make it official either.  But at least it was loads more fun this time around.  Of course, as per the usual, I lost to each Dragonball GT deck that was there.  I'm just glad there were less of them.  This will also be my last tournament for a little while.  An idea had struck me though, that I am going to take a good look into.  This idea would be figuring out whether or not tournaments could be hosted by a non-store based group.  Personally, I think it holds a little potential…and prevents me having to travel 45 minutes to get to Salem, then 15 more just to get there…gas money, along with a driver's license, is something I do not have.

For the majority of last week, I was cleaning up my room, sorting things out, wishing I could just go back to bed.  But, my room does look nicer now for the most part, and many, many, many papers have been recycled, as well as multiple small toys and such set for being sold in a garage sale.  I also managed to dig up a few things I intend to start working on again.  A variety a poems I may have mentioned before, a couple images, and multiple storylines and games.  Once I clean up the images a bit, and scan them in, I might try to repair them a little before posting them.
Well, On Saturday I went to the tournament, and didn't really expect to get far in it.  Setting side that the staff of the host store looked like mild hippies, the tournament was awkward.  It was a combination of sorts, between old-Z/GT and Re-Z.  Very problematic, and those with Re-Z decks only (Violent-Hatred and myself) didn't stand a chance against the others.  I'm kinda glad there were only three fights to endure.  First fight was versus V-H.  It was reasonably well matched in the way of decks, so luck...and knowledge of the game...was the only thing I had going for me.  Next fight was against a Dragon Ball based deck, he won in a few turns, and non of my combat attempts all.  Then, I fought my brother, using his Z Saiyan deck...beat me pretty easily, since he got strong, fast.  attacks from Pl 3 mil+ vs. 8k...easy guess who won that.  Least I got a promo out of it.

THen Sunday, my Star Wars RPG, run online through Galaxy Games Online.  Players can be stubborn about things like giving over weapons.  Annoyingly so.  Especially on a planet where weapons are prohibited, and they have scanners to pick up weapon energy.  I must have spent an hour trying to get a Jedi's lightsaber.

On Monday was a Robotech RPG I'm a part of.  Also run online, through the same client.  We didn't start for a few hours, since the GM was hoping for more players.  Not too bad...our characters rose in rank and level, so that's nice.  And my dear Elena Sato had to run a mission separate from the two Veritech pilots, which was very easy for them.  Sato's was not as easy, required a little more though and strategy then dive-bombing.  But the GM had a brain fart on the briefing.  Don't blame him or anything, just didn't help much in activity...that and I think I may have been a little slow on responding at times...or at least at getting anything productive done.

And lastly, today, d20 Modern, cancelled once again.  I have a feeling that if it happens again at all, next week would be the last session, as the GM and his ex are going into the Navy, and the rest are going into college.  At least I'm going to get to catch up on a series I like.

All that aside...I'm doing tons of cleaning...but through it all, have dug up some poems I wrote in the last school year.  I think I'll put some of them up, some in collection types things, because they are three to five liners.  But I think they will be liked by at least one person who sees 'em.  I also dug up some drawings as well, that I will probably post too, once I scan them and clean them up a bit.
Well, Im just about there.  There being returning to a card game that had me occupied years back.  The DragonBall Z TCG has caught my eye, and I am making an effort to become a big player in this game.  THis newer game from Score is different from the last in a few ways.  This one requires more strategy to be put into it.  In the last, gameplay could last anywhere from a few minutes to an hour.  I myself have been the one to drag out a battle.  Not sure if I won them at the point of time out, but I had vicious regenerating qualities in that deck.  But in this, game play would last longer at the minimum, but can also end more quickly.

In what has been called Re-Z, the attacks all come at a price.  Everything does actually, which can lead to some devastating results.  Since the characters wear down more quickly, so do their decks.  Players have the option to take inflicted damage with their characters, or with their life deck, which will go down quickly through this method.

But Im just about ready for my tournament...and I hope things go well for me and my brother.  Luck is definetly something we'd need in it.
Well, dreams can hold good things, even if they come in ugly packages.  THis one was a semi night based more on my paranoia of being alone in a dark forest.  But I've got a nifty story in the works because of this...its also a little out there.  I figure I won't say too much about it here, I'll probably post it sometime in the future, possibly within a few weeks.  Definetly before I move into college.  Dunno how much time I'll have when that starts up, especially during orientation week.  

August 20, I get to move into my dorm room.  I gotta finish arranging stuff with my roomie before that time...probably a week before would be best.  I wonder what I'll bring with me.  Anyways, after moving it, I'll get to go up to Seattle for a few days as part of the orientation.  My favorite part about that will be riding the train again.  The breakfast burgers on the train system along the Pacific coast taste awesome.  I get to do a few cool things while Im up there, like visit the air museum.  Its been years since I've been there.  I was like...around 7 when I last went there, but it'll be nice to head back.  

My first assignment in college is about halfways complete.  Yes, I got homework over summer, and I haven't even started class yet.  thankfully, its not too hard of an assignment.  Just read a book, write a three page resonse.  Like I said, easy.