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A ninja he was aloof
He sat himself on a roof
"I'll get you one day
You annoying stray"
He said and fell down with and "oof"

Those dastardly psycho squirrels
The never see4m to quarrel
He screams and he gags
For his poor dice bags
They might just let go tomorrow

This little ant would do a dance
Whenever he stood in his stance
With a yip and a yay
And a hip-hip-hurray!
This ant was greeted as Lance

This big cat white as snow
Befriended mice, wouldn't ya know
With a squikkity sqeak
and a crickity creak
Then he was friends with a crow

Ripple rip, the water of the lake
This legendary monster Jake
The people all run
They are just so fun
He was just a small snake.
A few little limericks. Hopefully will tickle the funny bone.

THe psycho quirrels are from the Munchkin series of games. Nasty little critters.
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August 17, 2005
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