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Plato's Cave v2 by Ragnarok-Shadow Plato's Cave v2 :iconragnarok-shadow:Ragnarok-Shadow 0 0 Plato's Cave v1 by Ragnarok-Shadow Plato's Cave v1 :iconragnarok-shadow:Ragnarok-Shadow 0 0
GoLime Vol 1
A ninja he was aloof
He sat himself on a roof
"I'll get you one day
You annoying stray"
He said and fell down with and "oof"
Those dastardly psycho squirrels
The never see4m to quarrel
He screams and he gags
For his poor dice bags
They might just let go tomorrow
This little ant would do a dance
Whenever he stood in his stance
With a yip and a yay
And a hip-hip-hurray!
This ant was greeted as Lance
This big cat white as snow
Befriended mice, wouldn't ya know
With a squikkity sqeak
and a crickity creak
Then he was friends with a crow
Ripple rip, the water of the lake
This legendary monster Jake
The people all run
They are just so fun
He was just a small snake.
:iconragnarok-shadow:Ragnarok-Shadow 0 0
GoHaiku Vol 1
Lemmings will follow
Along a treacherous cliff
Fall one at a time
The great white snow shark
Teeth of icicles so bright
Chomp, such a delight
Oh lemon snow cones
They never should have been made
It was just a prank
Mountain Dew Code Red
Pepsi-so's second best pop
Mug Rootbeer's better
Puppies so fluffy
Full to the brim with spirit
'Til the fall asleep
:iconragnarok-shadow:Ragnarok-Shadow 0 0
Ten Plus Lines
Ten plus lines, ten plus lines,
Such a thought so divine.
"Its so hard!" some might scream.
I could do it whilst I dream.
It's so easy, I say definite.
I could go on for infinite.
It's very simple to make these rhymes.
Why, I could do it every time.
For this poem, I best get going.
What?  You say I've done it in my gloating?
Well I say "Amazing!"
I put in less effort then a cow's grazing.
Well, if you must implore,
This format, I simply adore.
I shall finish here and now,
With a simple goodbye, and how?
"Goodbye!" I say,
"This poem is done, now go away!"
:iconragnarok-shadow:Ragnarok-Shadow 0 0
Lost Love
The deep sorrow of this tragic event,
The event which echoes in her heart.
She weeps for the man she lost then.
He may have been a father or a lover.
Whether he was desperately rich, or greatly poor,
She does not care, filled with sorrow for this man.
A man is just a man, he can be nothing more.
Love lasts as long as two can give and recieve.
He cannot give now, but can recieve,
That love which only another person can give.
:iconragnarok-shadow:Ragnarok-Shadow 0 0
The sweetest fey
An angel must walk upon our soft earth,
In that girl there, standing by that white rose,
Her hair alone could bring one to write prose,
That scarlet hair must be of heaven's birth.
Is it possible for one so divine
To walk so gracefully on these here streets?
All the other girls, it seems their skin creeps
To see their men stare in awe at this find.
If only, if only I could have her,
I would treat her to the best, the best furs,
the best chocolate, the best jewelry,
Such a dream I have, so merrily,
I would love her always, love bright as day
A dreamer's dream she is, the sweetest fey.
:iconragnarok-shadow:Ragnarok-Shadow 0 1
Animal Farm Chapter 11
The next day, the animals went about the farm work as normal, with the pigs hovering over them, whips in their trotters.  A few courageous animals refused to work.  Among these animals were a few sheep, two cows, and a small flock of chickens.  After hearing the commotion about the protesting animals, Squealer hurried on over with two of the vicious dogs at his heels.
"Comrades!  Comrades, why are you refusing to work?" the pig asked, looking over the small group.
"You're no better than then the humans," clucked one of the hens, hopping furiously.
"Are you mad, comrade?  Production is so much better then when Jones was around.  Everything is better then when the humans ran this farm!" the pig exclaimed, the dogs growling fiercely.  The smaller animals jumped back, startled and fearful.
"You…you talked with the humans.  We heard talk of the conditions being worse here then on the other farms!" the hen cried,
:iconragnarok-shadow:Ragnarok-Shadow 2 3
Emptiness is
When something is missing,
Missing from one's life,
When something has been forgotten,
Lost in the mind's abyss.
Emptiness is
One's immense feeling
For when they have been betrayed,
When one reaches for something,
Something only in a dream.
Emptiness is
The loss of a life,
Missing from one's heart,
The blank mind,
That has gone without sleep,
The loss of a spirit,
Lost will after a tragedy,
The aimless wandering,
With no directions to follow.
Emptiness is
Emptiness is
Emptiness is
Here and there and nowhere,
Now and then and never.
Emptiness is
A part of life.
:iconragnarok-shadow:Ragnarok-Shadow 1 3


Mature content
Good Nudes vs. Bad Nudes? :iconhq:hq 2,142 15,154
Parental Bonds by arkeis-pokemon Parental Bonds :iconarkeis-pokemon:arkeis-pokemon 11,850 669 Minazuki by syh3iua83 Minazuki :iconsyh3iua83:syh3iua83 7,808 229 Red Robat by Waldemar-Kazak
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Red Robat :iconwaldemar-kazak:Waldemar-Kazak 1,252 68
Pearl III by Eman333
Mature content
Pearl III :iconeman333:Eman333 289 10
VENUS and AMOUR by SergeFeeleenger VENUS and AMOUR :iconsergefeeleenger:SergeFeeleenger 14 5 Gen 6 Starter Buttons by adorability Gen 6 Starter Buttons :iconadorability:adorability 221 9 Callie blank cover by Elias-Chatzoudis
Mature content
Callie blank cover :iconelias-chatzoudis:Elias-Chatzoudis 888 34
Cat Priestess Kisa by GENZOMAN Cat Priestess Kisa :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 7,482 432 Lets just imagine by vaporotem Lets just imagine :iconvaporotem:vaporotem 2,381 547
KH: Soul Crossed Chap 4
Kingdom Hearts: Soul Crossed
Chapter 4: Of Princes and Thieves
Sherwood Forest
     Braxis watched Kairi fall to the ground, her body crashing in slow motion to him.  It was almost a pity she'd been that easy to outsmart.  He'd half-hoped she would see through the disguise, if only so he could take on both Keyblade wielders at once.  His plan had been almost perfect as usual, and she'd fallen just as intended.  The only flaw was that Sora was not with them.  A minor problem, but things rarely go completely right.
     His hand still crackled as time went back to normal.  The power was exhilarating and he reveled in it.  He was the best among the Hunters.  He was strong, skilled, and always prepared.  He was also bored.  He'd watched over the two as Restin had wanted, hiding himself in rags to keep in the prince
:icontymestalker:Tymestalker 13 6
Phyllon Bride by elsevilla Phyllon Bride :iconelsevilla:elsevilla 4,299 204 Cheryl -Pokemon by EU03 Cheryl -Pokemon :iconeu03:EU03 94 11 Harpy with gold by ming85
Mature content
Harpy with gold :iconming85:ming85 413 48
OMAI- Ninjatalkshow concept by HOON OMAI- Ninjatalkshow concept :iconhoon:HOON 10,749 844 Sakura fights Sasuke by tcumm001 Sakura fights Sasuke :icontcumm001:tcumm001 8,136 758


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It's days like these that I think of all those arguments for global warming, and then call bull.

Normally, it only slow for a little bit ere, around early january.  But its the end of February, and it snowed.  Global warming is a hoax!

It was weird to find, but it was nice.


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