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Im sure I havent gone to bed untill at least 4 am for the past week. Im starting to get used to it - should feel normal when I got to NY =). Up early this morning and suprise suprise we have sunshine! Its a lovely day outside - too bad im inside working on my technoculture essay on "validation of identity in science fiction films." Shit one, guess ill have to watch blade runner, ghost in the shell and total recall again ;)

Actually I felt like I was still dreaming this morning when I was walking around - probably due to no sleep, no breakfast and the fact I was listening to bjork (venus as a boy + all is full of love... I think). Yeah bjork is definatly music for just after youve woken up and need to be slowly introduced to some harsh reality.

Hmm supose I could also do with starting my coursework and draw something other than my own stuff. Actually whats really bullshit about a new media course is that no one teaches you how to draw; That part is all left up to you, the one illustrator we do have to teach us really just vectorises photographs and slaps a texture or pattern over the top - I want to get taught by someone who can actually wield a pencil  and do stuff like perspective, life drawing or cartoons! - Thats what I really enjoy doing, at the moment im fluctuating between very realistc detailed work and simplistic cutesey cartoons.

Riiight I think Ill stop my wee self right here and stop typing.
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no rest for the wicked! :crazy:
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Indeed, the technoculture essay is a bastard. Becareful to only reference stuff that they know about. I put some up to date references in mine, which they took as bull shit. So I failed. Ah well "shit happens". But what pissed me off the most was when i handed in the referal, with only 4 quotes added that they asked me to put in. I got a "this is now an excellent essay" on the comment sheet......fah fah sah!

On the illustration thing, they expect us to be already be able to draw. I did alot of drawing because i did fine art before going to SIAD. However ive suffered form not doing it everyday as i used to, my life drawing and observation drawing skills have gone to shit. Have got back into painting recently though, and what ive done has gone ok.

In my opinion the best track to listen to in the morning is "Out of the races and on to the tracks" by The Rapture. Starts kinda slowly, and then really kicks in. Its like youve relised "oh shit ive gota be at uni in ten mins".....

scain on!