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I dont really like these online journal type things...but anyway heres my effort to make use of this one.

My weeks been a bit strange, first bumping into a guy who got mugged (they stole his shoes! Besides that he was alright) and having a random guy in a wheelchair follow me and shout abuse... Crazy

Oh I also saw 21 grams - as soon as it starts you just know "This is going to be GRIM." Im not sure if I liked it or even enjoyed it (can you honestly say you enjoyed a movie like that? Apreciate it perhaps).

Besides that all is well for the moment, just started trying to force myself to

1) use my sketch book alot more - I love drawing its just lately my enthusiasm hasn't been great.

2) Try some new things out

I know I have more ability than Im showingI just need to keep pushing myself  - at least thats how I feel.

Anyway Im off to try and find "The Bible acording to Spike Milligan" then  watch some Strong Bad email followed by some Happy Tree Friends after that I might even take on Epsom Downs if that Andy character is up for a run    =)
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