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A design I did during the summer for a t-shirt (its suposed to form a strip down the middle of the shirt-hence its looooong shape). Personally I think It needs more work but I could take an age working on it, so here is its current state! Im new here, but dont let that stop you from being brutaly honest about my work =) (Smile)
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lol, cool... :) (Smile)

hmmm, yeah, what aysel said... try and make the teeth look a bit less... simple? add a touch of detail, like lips, and altering tooth size... I bet it'd make it a whole lot better
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hehe, this is great. I'd make the yes a bit bigger and less up-turned. The teeth remind me of Joker, from batman. Give them some lips overlapping them. This looks like a canine-type of animal, so I'd add a large set of fangs, then smaller teeth. (study a snarling wolf to get what I mean) the teeth just bug me for some reason.. *ponders* give 'em some drool or sumptin' ;) (Wink)

Keep working, this is great so far!

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Aahaha, LoL, that is soooo awesome :D (Big Grin) .
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Hehe, that's wicked. I love that little character there and the bite mark and text add just a bit of humor to it. Great work.

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haha.. I love this... I want this on my car....

oh... I don't have a car... FUCK :( (Sad)

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