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This is a reasonably quick concept drawing for a jetpack. At the moment Im doing a project on flight for my art course. After doing a bit of research I came across jetpacks and was inspired to create this: the "Skyhawk MK1" lol! The artwork isnt the best but tell me what u think of it and the design =) (Smile)
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Cool jetpack design. I also love the bodysuit. :D
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I know what your talking about but nope - shape for the "arms" of the pack actually came from the shape of a birds wing (which I simplified down). Not sure if I made the nozzles like because Ide seen the chaos marien pack - I honestly wasnt thinking of that at the time I was making this - I think I drew them as spheres to show that they could rotate.
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actual jetpack dimensions/shape based on a chaos space marine standard backpack yes ?
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Nice design. The drawing's pretty good, the proportions (except for the neck). The face/head could be a bit more dynamic, and if there was more contrast in the shading and more of it, it would look more dramatic and would look more attractive (not saying that it isn't).
Design wise, a section of the design pack would look great.
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TY! ^_^ I had to scann it twice since the paper I was using is A4 3/4 - pleny of choppin'n'changing to put it back together again!
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must admit... it looks alot better when you see it on paper... but very well done trevor my friend!

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Looks neat. I think the design it looks very nice. I want a jetpack, that would kick ass! I'd zoom all over the place. hehee =D (Big Grin)

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