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I started drawing this as a pose for use in a graphical chat site ( but I kept going and added a little background then decided to name Name him Tanaka - Since I was intending to colour this in photoshop I havent added any shade or highlights. Let me know what you think - constructive critacism(sp?) welcome!
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whoa. O_O amazing work. :3
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I'm in agreement with jural, the clean line work and the style really does need colour, but I'd recommend colouring it digitally, in Photoshop.
The only thing I find this needs is a few mountains. Flat coloured, the closest ones (still behind the tank) being darker dark blue perhaps and slowly fading as they get further. The sun shining in one corner, above the tank, behind the mountains, making it a dramatic sunset. Red orange, purple and finally disappearing into blue which fades into black. Might work, just a thought anyway.
Fantastic work.
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Color will realy pick it up, looks great