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Panzer Wolf

Well I was inspired to create yet another mecha wolf (Well talon needs some one to hang out with, watch movies and help level a small city...).

This design is loosely based on a german tiger tank - hence the name - the general idea was to make him look tank like, but in wofl form - if that makes sense lol. Thers a couple of tank like details besides the big guns - smoke launches on the shoulders, the handle type things on the chest which ive seen on some russian tanks (which I think are to attach a mine clearence system; and now you know lol) etc.
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they put like, combs on the tanks to detonate the mines safely, well, at least without losing a tank, or a few infantry. they pretty much that those hooks may have been for. im not a big expert on tanks, but i can get by pretty well.
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whoa! I bow down to everyone who have the power to draw machines and meccas, and you're one of them! wow!
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Nice job! excellent linework and great geometry!
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Danm this is awesome!

The detail is well done!

If you colour it Then it would be even better!

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d00d...seriously, i'm just fkin floored by the way this looks...i'm going to +fav it for now, but...maybe if u want to, .we. can hook up and edit this to make some smoke fx / color particle / light effects...[that] would really kick some serious ass...
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Wahhh! It's so good.. the lines are so smooth.. I greatly admire people who can do stuff like this. Everything looks perfect. Awesome job!
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