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A charachter sketch =) (Smile) I named her after my pen pal "Hiromi" This was produced to show the charachter in a bit of detail so its not a perfect work of art - If it was I would be absolutly anal about getting everything perfect lol - tell me what you think of the artwork/designs and please forgive my awful handwriting! ^_^
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You seem to do heads and faces the best in this subject... there's a few proprortion errors in the body especially legs) but it's not bad. Good stuff.
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the fingers are just a little short, other than that the hands are great, espically the detail hand drawing.
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I like the handwriting. The character and the detail drawings are great. I like the eyes a lot and the details you've put in this. Great shading work.
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I agree with Losthero, it is a wonderful piece, though furries are....bad.....evil.....and wrong. Other than that, I really like it :) (Smile)
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Its a nice drawing, great talent. But I can't stand furries... ugh >_