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Evil Deamon Psycho Bitch

Ok what can i say about this one?! =)

Really I did this because i thought it might give people a bit of a laugh - the first "evil deamon psycho bitch" was actually a cartoon i made up. Although perhaps she looks a little too serious?..You guys tell me.

The name is my nickname for a friend who shall remain nameless to save her the embarrasment and me the physical injury ;).

This started out life as a quick sketch which I kept working on and before i realised it had a complete drawing. I was going to call it a day but decided to work it over in illustrator.

Thats about it.
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Crikey, it still looks like my mom...
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omg its kaisa! jk ;) this is awesome, definately great exercise of your key artistic skills and sense of humor as well.. oh man, glad thats not my mom :o
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Thanks for the comment - how summer going?
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pretty good, comin back in like 10 days ... not ready to leave tho :(
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hahaa, cool
but i'm not scared of her
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Thats no suprise to me, your into all that domineering kinky stuff...sicko ;) muhawhaw jk =)
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