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Pow! Bam! Whizz! Ka-boom!...*ahem*....random mecha I drew while on holiday (summer 2001). Comments welcome, be as honest as you like! =) (Smile)
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hey trevor bradley here, this is the best drawing ive seen of urs put more on plz cya in class
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... wow. Very, very nice :) (Smile)
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I was gonna mention the rockets on his back, but someone already did...oh well...Great work anyway
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damnit, why can't i draw like that *stomps feet and cries
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I like everything in this, very good line work, good detail work. A very clean drawing, looks good.
The rockets and the rocket pack on his back aren't as accurate as the rest of him.
Very good work.
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Like a 40k Space Marine

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yea yea! colored all grungy and beat up with battle scars and stuff!
nice drawing.
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that is sweet... nice work
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nice clean lines and details! like the way the upper body is turned on the lower part, gives it more...mmm...feeling? yeah...feeling! I would like to see a coloured version of this...something dark with a lot of durt and scratches! :D (Big Grin) I'm on my way to see your gallery! cya

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wow very cool you should color it:D (Big Grin)
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