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How to Draw Boobs

By ragingtofu
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Hey! Know what you should do right now? Check out this awesome guide made by my friend ~Sapphirelullaby on how to draw the female anatomy! Click the link! Do it now! [link]

Thank you so much for reading! I hope this guide has helped you! I find myself with very little time lately to personally thank all the people who favorite / comment on this, so please accept my thanks in advance!

NOTE: If the image doesn't load, resizes so you can't read it, etc., use the "download" link on the right side for the full image.

(A guide to drawing boobs by someone who doesn't have them... but a whole lot of experience drawing them.)

Well, here goes nothing.

A full page and two days longer than I initially expected, a (sort-of) definitive guide to drawing the female breasts. A couple of notes:

Aside from stitching the images together, this entire guide was made in Manga Studio Debut 3.0.

It's also worth noting that I pilfered images from myself for one or two of the sketches to fill space, because I'm lazy.

The original was two pages, and really, the bottom half of the (original) first page was just filler. So this guide essentially doubled (fuzzy math) in the last two days.

One styrofoam box of Chinese food gave it's life to make this happen. Teryaki and Honey Sesame chicken with chicken fried rice. You will be missed.

No catgirls were harmed in the making of this guide.

One final note: Part of the reason I made this was to get over an art block. It seems to have worked, but it also gave me a chance to try some new styles for hair, eyes, and drawing in general. I even learned a few things, like an after-school special. Hopefully it helps you just as much as it helped me.

Also, I'd like to thank the Circle, whom without which none of this would be possible. Thanks Circle! We did it!

If you like this, comment! Favorite! Watch! Visit my page! The word "shame" doesn't exist in my lexicon.
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Thanks, I’ll need this for a doujinshi

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“Water Balloons?”

lol, I just think of them as ever would aught-a call em:

B o o b s .

This image is as clinical and sterile as the "breast" Wikipedia article. I think I owe it to the activation of my analytical mind that looking at this makes me feel absolutely nothing.

ItsallaboutM3's avatar

Got one for the buttoms? ;3

Seriously, with a guide like this for the buttom, and the guide here for the boob, the character possibilities are ENDLESS!!!

Thank you for sharing this, I was having such HARD time drawing girls

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me: *draws titties like light bulbs*

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This is very helpful. I have trouble drawing boobs sometimes.

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Super helpful tutorial, thank you!

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This is really helpful and funny and a blessing to the slightly weirder parts of the internet.

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Thanks for this wonderful tutorial! Now, to keep my mother from getting the wrong idea...

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boobs + sweaters = guess im a lesbian now
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Thank you very much, for this reference! Breasts are the part of the female body it's hardest to get right, when you're drawing them with extensive detail.

Also, you have a very entertaining way of teaching! :)
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WOW Thanks a lot ! 
pandadodod's avatar
Very helpful. Thanks very much for this :)
firefawx's avatar
You save me! thanks!!!
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You are a stud muffin for making this tut very helpfull ^^
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The link is broken
FiddleMyJiggles's avatar
I'll be saving this...for research
CalamityVII's avatar
Dunderbeist I found this in your favorites 
Dunderbeist's avatar
i gotta know man, i gotta know-
CalamityVII's avatar
lol I just taught myself
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Oh yay! I can achieve my dream of drawing huge Jugs! (Although i was already doing acceptably this will help)
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