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How to setup uncut blueprints



download link is here:
[link] about 64mb or so and is a .wmv file, and is in 1280x800 resolution.
anyway =Homogeneous wanted to know how to setup blueprints in cinema 4d, well this is how i do it, in this tutorial I show you guys how I cut up uncut(meaning all four views are still on one single image plane) blueprints/image guides. if they are already cut up then well you guys can skip the photoshop part. if you just want the blueprints, click download on the left side of the image. The archive has mutliple formats so they should be able to import into most non free packages with ease, to max users, don't use the .wrl format.
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Muito obrigado!!!!!! 
Deus te abençoe grandemente!!!!!