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Anime IS Art Stamp by Sheikah-ness Anime IS Art Stamp :iconsheikah-ness:Sheikah-ness 3,899 268
The Power of Mortals
"Mortals are fascinating, don't you think?" the question of the Emperor of Heaven, Zeus was so sudden that it caught the attention of the King of Hell, Skye and the Lord of Earth, Nero. They fell quiet and turned to look at him, waiting for him to explain his sudden statement. Zeus only smiled and shook his head, looking over to the grassy plains ahead of them. He said nothing more as he crossed his legs and lightly caressed the beads in his hands. He always held them for reasons unknown to anyone but himself. They looked pretty when the sunlight hit them from certain angles. They changed colors from time to time, they said it depended on the flow of energy that passed through their owner that day.
Today, they were a deep shade of steel blue. The two other gods guessed it was because he was in a particularly peaceful state of mind. They could tell from the way he observed everything in a relaxing silence. He leaned back and kept the beads close to him, admiring their beautiful color. S
:iconmurasakishikibu:MurasakiShikibu 2 4
Her Divine Vengeance
They were demons that drank blood and drained the strength from even the most powerful god. They haunted their dreams and taunted them endlessly. These demons laughed and mocked the gods when they would fall to their knees, struggling to stay on their feet.
Demons were stubborn and loved nothing more than the fall of those more powerful than them. They would not rest until they had what they desired most. The opportunity to seize the powers of the universe, the authority that were placed in the gods' hands.
Gods were proud beings who were given the strongest of all powers. They controlled the worlds in existence and defeated the most dreaded of enemies. But these demons are relentless. They desecrate their names and turn their people against them. Their places or worship ransacked and they are cursed by those who used to hail them with sweet praises and hymns.
A god grows weary and tired as he struggles to keep his children in line. He must stay strong even though he wishes to lie and
:iconmurasakishikibu:MurasakiShikibu 1 4
The god of all gods
God of All Gods
        They waited for him. No matter how late it was, they were sure that he would come to visit them. He promised each of them that he would be here tonight. Sometimes they spoke through thoughts, through dreams. That's how they knew when to wait for him. It was always this place, never anywhere else. This place was theirs. It was a small and secluded grove. No trees towered over them, giving them a good view above them. The night sky was a blanket of midnight blue. Stars scattered across them. They glimmered and shone brightly, clearly. They lit up what would have been the very dark grounds of this sacred grove. The grass was softer in these parts, their color was a brighter shade of jade green - a bit lighter than the leaves of the plants and vines that grew around the father parts of the grove.
It was a rare thing to see the goddesses in the same spot. They said nothing to each other, yet there was something cold and
:iconmurasakishikibu:MurasakiShikibu 1 2
Prophecy of the Mother Goddess
Who is the goddess? Many have had called her "mother". They had crawled on their knees and lowered themselves before her. They are nothing without her grace and her love. She is the highest muse, opening all truths and realizations in the depths of their hearts and souls.
Her children weep. They reach out to her, their voices pleading.
She will take them in her arms as a mother would to her weeping child.
She speaks of the teachings of her master. Her voice is clear and cuts through all illusions and lies. The teachings feed her children, sustaining them and giving them strength. Such as the milk that flows from the mother's breast and feeds the hungry child.
She is a lioness who protects her cubs from all the creatures that seek to harm them. She will raise her talons against those who attack her precious children. She knows no fear when the safety of those who call her mother is questioned.
She is Heaven, She is Earth, She is Hell. She has become more than one to watch over those who
:iconmurasakishikibu:MurasakiShikibu 2 2
The Shepherd by egilpaulsen The Shepherd :iconegilpaulsen:egilpaulsen 297 110
Song for the Sea Maiden
The sound of the flute could be heard where she is. She looks up and blinks once. She has heard this melody before, it has not been long since she heard it. Perhaps a few days back, she was not sure. The sound now overpowers even the sweet laughter and the lively voices of the mermaids that she is with. They start to lower their tones, whispering curiously as they also wonder where the flute player had been hiding. The plants that grew on the gray rocks sway gracefully as the gentle breeze blows by, brushing tenderly against the jade green leaves that glimmer as the sunlight shines upon them. The blue-green waters become still as the mermaids now stay quiet and unmoving, listening to the song they were hearing.
Small ripples spread as she moves her hand, one finger touching the clear blue around her. Until now, she came to the lagoon to be with her people. She still considers herself as a mermaid even though it has been centuries since she was turned the goddess of the earth. Still, sh
:iconmurasakishikibu:MurasakiShikibu 2 6
The King's Woman
           The silence made Kang-Ah uncomfortable. She looked up nervously at her mistress who walked in front of her with her head up high. She wondered how her Lady could be so confident and brave in an unknown territory. A dangerous one at that. The lady-in-waiting ducked her head, she knew that the guards who stood across them from the left side watched them carefully and gripped onto their bladed weapons as the two celestial women walked forward. They were not exactly welcome here and it was expected. They were from the enemy kingdom, the Great Empire of Heaven. Kang-Ah was surprised that no one had grabbed them yet or hurled them down the dungeons. The young girl had actually no idea why it was that they were still here and were not on their way back yet, even though her mistress assured her that they would be allowed freedom just a few days ago. She waited for the goddess to tell her that they would be going home and that sh
:iconmurasakishikibu:MurasakiShikibu 4 4
Mermaid Dance by frowzivitch Mermaid Dance :iconfrowzivitch:frowzivitch 92 34 Young Husky by antiparticle Young Husky :iconantiparticle:antiparticle 87 10 Husky Love Stamp by cloudrat Husky Love Stamp :iconcloudrat:cloudrat 3,741 126
Nea! Saejun Tenkaikouku!
Hail! Master of Heaven!
Nea! Tsunseima!
Hail! God Creator!
Tsunsei-Mai Nyehao Shitian Dongju.
Your children praise you, Oh Lord.
Shunfai Tsehang Chue.
You molded this world with your love.
Nea! Tsairen Heikan-maa!
Hail! The Great Majestic Emperor!
Nea! Toumaa Santou!
Hail! Holy Father!
Chungjeh Jaishi Hanae.
You sit in your throne of gold.
Haemo Yusuminda Xingsan.
Your Almighty strength and Glory forever.
Kwaishang Hengye
God of the Brightest Sun.
Taishun Tsehwa
General of the Great Heaven.
Hwangyu Kyung Funsaisai Ni
We offer you our prayers.
Rokuu Tsairen Fuukiri
Our sacrifices are in your name, Oh Emperor.
Denshouni Chungmama Gesshau Ni.
Your salvation shines down upon us.
Gomanae Saiyunte
Forgiver of sins.
Otouie Tou Koihime.
Husband of the Holy Maiden.
Aitsun. Sunpi. Baxian.
Angels, Saints and Celestials.
Taidishan Gwanye
Sing pr
:iconmurasakishikibu:MurasakiShikibu 1 4
How I :: 002.02 by twisted666 How I :: 002.02 :icontwisted666:twisted666 998 148 Realistic Sexy,Kinky Man-Demon by tygrax Realistic Sexy,Kinky Man-Demon :icontygrax:tygrax 727 219 Leviathan by GENZOMAN Leviathan :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 11,816 705



Chair. Car. CD. Potato.
Current Residence: Rokuryu Studios Ryutenkai
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Instrumental, Broadway
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: iPod Classic
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Wallpaper of choice: Whatever works
Favourite cartoon character: too many there
Personal Quote: Chair car cd potato sponge *insert random last word*
Hey guys!

I know, I know. I said I wouldn't be back here, blah blah blah but I'm prone to my bursts of crazy. Anyway, I'm not deleting stuff... I'm just moving accounts.

This has nothing to do with wank or drama or angst... I just feel that I've gone through an artistic evolution so to speak and with new stuff... comes a new account. I'm gonna be trying out stuff and work stuff... not abandoning anime completely, just going to try new things.

Gotta stay flexible if you wanna work in the industry after all.

I'll be taking a few pieces from here with me. These are things I think live up to my new standards so... don't be surprised if you see copies of something I uploaded on another account. It's probably just me.

So... without further adieu...

To those who wish to see my further evolution..

Feel free to watch rokuryustudios

For those I leave behind here, it was an honor and a pleasure to have you follow my journey thus far.

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  • Watching: The Phantom Tollbooth
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