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I am the goddess of destruction. Born since the beginning of time and destined to be your mistress. I fell from the heavens when they feared my true power.</i>
Akum Devi Kalamatari. Akshne Umeh Oraak. Mahartu Sukaar Ambikatha. Bhata Shaktur Rakaan Meru Seh.
I arose a great serpent of the crimson. I destroyed my enemies with the flames of hell fire and crushed them under my feet.
Tayum Kehtu Akshut Ananta Nir Pura. Sundanakara Dejaki Nuur Kehstane Naraka-Apur. Apaake Nantu Shekar Riik.
Know no fear, my children. I, your mother --- am the Dark Queen. I drink the blood of those who fall by my hand. I offer their slain to you, to our kingdom.
Bhimaku Akan, Serah. Akum Matrika – Renah-maha Nir Dirim. Inum Keh Urga Dejaki Teharun. Meru Vali Parjai Kumur Sukta.
Like your father, The King of Hell, Lord Chaos --- You, my children, are under my wing. You will not know defeat or surrender.
Mekur Rajah-Sri Shiva, Rajah-Sri Nar Naraka, Maharushevar. Vali Akaan, Pakpa
:iconmurasakishikibu:MurasakiShikibu 1 2
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Om Maharu Devak Kailasa Jer
To you Chaos Lord, The Auspicious one.
Sertu Anat Kari Ben Dirim
Guardian of the Light in the Darkness.
Jaali Mer Karut Lehar
Compassionate Fallen One from grace.
Vali Tripurkarna Nahaste
You arose from the ashes into glory.
Maila, Maila. Paari Gar.
Save us, Save us. We Pray.
Haari Anut Merkar Beri
Reigning in your sacred palace gardens.
Dani Rajah Seh
Hear us, Great King.
Vali Mahaal! Devak Rajah!
You are beloved by all, Lord God!
Devaka Sri!
Demon Lord
Mahaal Akan Meru Seh.
We are the beloved children of your kingdom.
Akap Neeri Seh.
Keep us in your tender embrace.
Nevari Patawarishke Gar.
Forgive our betreyals, Us who crawl back to you!
Taggur Kaari. Dirim Tagurshe Gar.
Keep us in the warmth of your darkness.
Taabi Namasta Krusheta Gar.
Shield us with your wings, Oh Master.
Maiya Seh. Maya Tagurshne Gar.
Protect us with your powerful illusions.
:iconmurasakishikibu:MurasakiShikibu 1 2
"I'm tired."
It came out of him in a soft tone. He remained calm, not saying another word. He felt another hand move over his. He looked up. His gray eyes meeting with deep sapphire ones. He noticed that the way he would glance at him had not changed. Still with the same love and gentleness as from centuries ago. He grasped his hand back, not turning away from the man he called husband.
Centuries have passed. They dared not count all the days and years. They were as they were then. Young and strong. But something has changed. They are older, wiser -- they feel the weariness creep up on them each time they would rest. Only to wake up the next day. To find that even more time has passed.
It had to end.
The god smiled, pulling the priest into his arms. Turned immortal by their bond. The priest was not blessed with mortal death, although he was not saved from the longing to sleep. He felt him put a hand to his cheek as he leaned over to kiss him gently.
It felt the same way as it did long
:iconmurasakishikibu:MurasakiShikibu 1 2
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These Dreams - Prologue
The scent of blood now overpowered what was once the strong, sweet smell of the garden's flowers. He clutched at his shoulder, his breaths becoming ragged and heavy. He winced, his palm was wet with his own blood. The knife had gashed right though the skin and it felt as if it had sliced through pretty deep. He didn't even have time to wrap a piece of cloth around it to stop the bleeding. One second he lets his guard down; he knew that it would mean his end.
Swallowing hard, Amida Toki leaned back on the tree trunk, hiding behind it to avoid the blasts of light and magic thrown at him. His shoulder was injured by what seemed to be a bolt of lightning that came from one of his offender's spells. He'd never actually faced anyone who could do something like that. Though he was able to kill a few of them, more of them were coming from out of their hiding places, backing up the first people they'd sent.
Toki heard about heretics with the ability to control fire and lightning. Those types we
:iconmurasakishikibu:MurasakiShikibu 1 6
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Lessons From The Master :iconmurasakishikibu:MurasakiShikibu 9 0
Bird Wings Tutorial by joanniegoulet Bird Wings Tutorial :iconjoanniegoulet:joanniegoulet 6,642 493 Chibisuke manga stlye sketches by sakura11 Chibisuke manga stlye sketches :iconsakura11:sakura11 39 19



Chair. Car. CD. Potato.
Current Residence: Rokuryu Studios Ryutenkai
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Hey guys!

I know, I know. I said I wouldn't be back here, blah blah blah but I'm prone to my bursts of crazy. Anyway, I'm not deleting stuff... I'm just moving accounts.

This has nothing to do with wank or drama or angst... I just feel that I've gone through an artistic evolution so to speak and with new stuff... comes a new account. I'm gonna be trying out stuff and work stuff... not abandoning anime completely, just going to try new things.

Gotta stay flexible if you wanna work in the industry after all.

I'll be taking a few pieces from here with me. These are things I think live up to my new standards so... don't be surprised if you see copies of something I uploaded on another account. It's probably just me.

So... without further adieu...

To those who wish to see my further evolution..

Feel free to watch rokuryustudios

For those I leave behind here, it was an honor and a pleasure to have you follow my journey thus far.

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moodooology Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2009
depende yun sa damit nung doll at sa tela na gagamitin. pero yung pinakamura kung mukhang tao, 170 kung yung normal doll lang na di mukhang tao, 100 siya tapos ikaw pa magdedesign! :D
RagingChaosGod Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2009
:D Thanks for the info! I'll keep that in mind. Ipon muna ako. 8D
SilverEnvy Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the Fav, too!!!!
SilverEnvy Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The Tattoo Looks AWESOME!!!!!!

Thank You!!!!!
RagingChaosGod Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2009
:D Glad you like it!
Hankyou Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2009  Student General Artist
i want paper child of kiru or some of my oc's xD
RagingChaosGod Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2009
:D :D :D I might do a second paperchild set!
D; my cellphone cam won't be as good as the DLSR camera from school tho..
Hankyou Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2009  Student General Artist
no problem xD i can see them personally if we meet xD
RagingChaosGod Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2009
8D OK!
I'll try ta get on it!
Moonlight-Kaon Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2009
You're welcome ^^
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