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Razor in the Gutter - Nas Pasha



I think if we're willing to do the grimy hard work it takes to change, then we all deserve a second chance.  The hero of this story is just an average bum.  Being underrated and under appreciated, people often don't realise how hard it is to ask for a helping hand on the streets.  The shame.  The distasteful looks that so explicitly say that you're worth no more than the rat droppings in the dirty Chinatown street corners.  It's a hard life. 

"Razor" is the story of a man who wants that change so desperately.  After a life of bad decisions and leaving all his opportunities behind, he finds a razor on a rainy night.  It's not magical.  It's not special.  Just an ordinary razor that motivates him to get out of the gutter and chop away his old life.

The first image is his break point; do I stay or do I go forward?

The second image is his transformation, partially physically, but moreover spiritually.  Using the reflective window of a burger joint.

The final image is the mother he left behind for a life of drugs and alcohol.  He holds a job application in his hand with "N/A" written in most fields.  This is to say that even if you don't fit into the paradigm of what the world believes to be the ideal worker, sheer determination and persistence can sometimes get you where you need to be.  In other words, GRINDING. 

In my story it is not written whether he gets the job, but that makes the moment no less sweet.  To lose someone and actually get them back is something more special than any job offer could be.  And to lose yourself and get that back, that is something not most have endured.  This is why something as basic as an old rusty razor can bring about a life altering transformation. 

And I suppose he does look a bit like me.  An original character.


Q: What Program did you use?

- Hand drawn on paper with 2H and 4B pencils, and coloured digitally in Photoshop CS4 on a Cintiq 12WX.

Q: Where did you find your inspiration for your entry?

- Based off of a film idea I have, inspired by the great track, The Fire, by hip-hop band The Roots.…

Q: How long did it take?

- I actually just found out about this contest one night ago, so I literally spent my 3 hour commuting time to and from work and drew this on the train rides I had.  Most people on the subway who see you draw usually smile and say, "Oh, that's nice."  But when you're working so furiously between stations, NO ONE bothers you.  The energy is just different!  Plus 2 hours for the digital colours.
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Wow. This comic is so beautiful. So much emotions in it. You can really feel what the character is feeling. Very impressive.

In fact, I wanted to ask you something. I would be interested in using this drawing for a presentation at my university. It's a presentation about the methods to see the evolution of a character in a story over time, and yours was a perfect exemple. This presentation is a one time only, in front of less then 20 people and there is no commercial purposes. I will also make sure to mention your name as the author of the story. Is it alright with you?

Once again, excellent work. You did an incredible job.