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Donkey vs Mushu

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This is just a quick picture from something that popped into my head.

I think if Donkey from Shrek, ever met Mushu from Mulan, I think it would go like this.

Donkey isn't happy that this scrawny little dragon is putting the moves on his girl. And Mushu doesn't back down from a fight. I think it would be funny these two bickering.  

Both characters are voiced by Eddie Murphy. (In case you didn't already know) :)
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They’re the same, especially since both voiced by Eddie Murphy, and donkey loves a dragoness

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Eddie Murphy talking to himself!:D :D :D

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So first Eddie Murphy WAS a dragon, and then he MARRIED a dragon!
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yeah.. go fig,,:) I wonder how donkey would react to toothless and he's a dreamworks dragon! or spike from Mlp ;)

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Admittedly, TV Tropes is what highlighted that fact to me. Still interesting.
Toothless? I dunno. Toothless is basically an animal. Not sure Donkey could talk to him. At least not well.
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In the Latin Spanish dub, they also share an actor.
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Eugenio Derbez
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He has dubbed Kevin Hart as Snowball rapping “Panda” and I just imagine Mushu singing that song!
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So Eddie would be arguing with himself. xD
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The funny thing is that they both have the same voice actor
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Mushu: I Think My Bunny Slippers Just Ran For Covers
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Like I Said Donkey Should Know A Lot About Dragons Considering He Played One in A Disney Movie 3 Years Ago
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Eddie Murphy VS Eddie Murphy
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This is hilarious!
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Anyone else want to hear Eddie Murphy arguing with himself now?
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I get it! Donkey and Mushu were voiced by the same actor. :)
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About what you said at the end, it's like watching this YouTube video; Do Adults Know Celebrity Voices in Disney/Pixar Movies? (REACT: Do They Know It?) - YouTube and Mushu's shown towards the end of the video.

I gave up on watching 'Shrek' when watching that vomit part on the trailer of Shrek 3.
(It grossed out my mom and I.) 😖

I used to play the "Morph" game on the 1st Shrek DVD, where I would pick different body parts (It was fun!)
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Awesome Va Connection! This also applies to The Japanese versions too.
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