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"Your mind is an open book to me." --Yogurto

Fridge's right hand man Yogurto! Decided to redraw him and change some stuff. For example his head is darker green instead of pinkish his legs have the same bracelet as on his arms without the blades.

Yogurto is © by ~Salagir and Gogeta Jr even though Salagir gave me the permission to use the abandoned character.
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dbz starcraft   .... protoss DBZ!!!   :)
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hahahahahahahaha what a funny name hahahahahaha xD
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Well you should see what the meanings of the names are of the Ginyu force.
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Intersting design ... and bad-ass shading. He creates a unique atmospere which I ind disturbing in a good way. :D
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Thanks though the design is actually by Gogeta Jr, all I did was give him color a name and some legs since those werent made yet.
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He really can put a good beating to brolly including majin buu
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Probably but he cant be surprised by them by reading their minds.
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Interesting character and beautiful drawing!
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Yeah its actually a character from DBM but the idea of an mindreading alien was dropped by Salagir.

I liked the design and asked if I could use the character.
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nice job on the coloring:D looks great.
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Lol thanks housewife xD
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Lmfao XD You're welcome
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maar laat me raden weer eens gigantisch druk met de approvals?
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Lol heb er zelf al iets van 4 in de wacht staan XD
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Dat ken kloppen... Mijn ''gallery mods'' zijn een stelletje nippel zuigers en doen geen fucking moer.
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Nou als je hulp nodig hebt zeg het maar, ik ben al een Gallery mod by Touhouclub
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his design is absolutely amazing ;)
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Thanks but the actual design was from DBM (DragonBall Multiverse) It was set in the abandoned files in the Bonus section, but since I liked the design I asked Salagir if I could use the character.

Btw nice ID :P
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Ah, cool, didn't looked at the Bonus Section of DBM ;)

Thank you ^//^ :D
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No problem =3
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that looks tight :D love the purple beam :XD:
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