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Hitler turned into a comic

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Actually Hitler, it was me who turned you into a comic XD

I was watching the Hitler rants parodies on YouTube and, out of boredom, came up with this.

I do not own Der Untergang or any of the shots I ripped for the sake of this parody. Go watch it, it's great!
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DAs ist fantastisch, Kamerad!
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Lol I love iiit :ccc
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HRP are epic I love them. nice comic continue :D
For some odd reason that single "Bam!" is tempting me to explode in hysterical laughter despite the late hour.
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I love the Hilter rants.  They are so funny!
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Genius, absolute genius.  Lol.
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More like, MEMETASTIC!
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Oh, the good old Hitler rants strike again...
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Don't you just love Bruno Ganz as Hitler?
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He should be glad that Comic Sans wasn't used.
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oh gosh the Antic master has moved to DA must be on high alert!!!!
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pfft, it's here too!:XD:

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Hitler blames Fegelein for everything and not anyone else.
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Metahumor always amuses me. Well done!
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Humor about humor, or humor about communication. More commonly known as a fourth-wall breach.
If I understand it correctly.
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Downfall parodies will always made my day :)
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I find these parodies funny, but still, hitler is a monster + dont even deserve to start his name with a big letter of h .
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WAS a monster. Now a subject to ridicule, as ironic as it is.
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