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Leopard -improved-

Leopard print...


*Excuse the eyebrows.
They look really gross in pictures for some reason.

This is a better version of one I already submitted..
I started out with only a few leopard spots and it grew to this. :]

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May i use this photo for an Inspiration collage? I am starting to do inspiration Mondays on my Flicker account ( I can link you if you want) and I would love if i could use some of your photos in it.
Thank you
If not i understand
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hello :) as long as you give me credit with a link back I'd love to be featured in your collage. thanks!
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amazing, looks impossible to do!
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thats gorgeous!
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wow. Remind me to call you if I never need makeup done! :clap:
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How do you do that?!
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a steady hand and a lot of patience lol
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Hi there! I have featured your lovely work in my journal: [link] :)
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woh!! that's awsome
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Inspired. :o

I must try to recreate this!
You've just filled in those pesky 8 hours tomorrow that I didn't know what to do with! lol.
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i have quite an obsession with leopard print,
ive decked my wardrobe in it, done my nails with the pattern, even dyed my hair leopard print!
but i havent seen this before, amazingly.
and i LOVE it!
good work!
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wow thanks :D I'm glad you like it
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good work, very nice. ;]
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OMG! how the hell did you do that?!!! I would love to know how to do this, I'm leopard mad so if i could know how to do this id die happy!
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I just played around with liquid eyeliner one night when I was bored lol
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Liquid I'm guessing?
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