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These are all the commissions I currently offer. Feel free to message me for any questions or commission inquiries! I DO NOT take points as a form of payment unless it's for Icons or headshot sketches

Contact email: galaxyowls-art [at] gmail [dot] com
Current Queue

Colored Sketch 

Headshot $5
  Z sketch by Rageaholic7898 Alex Sketch by Rageaholic7898
Full body $15
Tiff sketch by Rageaholic7898 wolfie sketch by Rageaholic7898

Painted Badges

Headshot $25
Koshiro by Rageaholic7898
Kinka Badge by Rageaholic7898

Character Reference sheet

Simple Ref- $35

Bailey Reference by Rageaholic7898 Sevron ref by Rageaholic7898

Simple ref 2-$45
Discovery simple reference by Rageaholic7898 Lukar ref by Rageaholic7898

Advanced ref-$65
Synister ref by Rageaholic7898

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left again with out telling anyone ,but im back now. This will be the last time I leave hopefully. lmao
anyway HI did I miss anything interesting or important ?
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will be completed tonight
$8 for bust, $15 for full body.
taking as many as possible

comment here if interested
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I have been wanting to do a raffle for a very long time now. This will be winter/holiday themed i will be picking a winners on the 20th via 
the winner will be a full body colored sketch with shading and icon of their choice 
1 : You have to watch me new watchers are also welcome
2 : Link the raffle in a new journal with my icon
3 : Post a comment here with the journal link and references of 2 characters you want. it can be friends or your own.
4 : if you have read these rules and agree with the terms the word HOOT must be somewhere in your comment

Thank you all :3 good luck

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my friend and i have gotten back into spaggles if you guys join and add me ill give you a starter pack \o/…………
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Not leaving or anything but i figured ya'll would like to where i'm more active / (nsfw) (nsfw)………
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hey duders, sorry for disappearing on you and shit. i was legit pissed at this site and  other shit kinda happened so idk just left with out a word and i apologize. i'm back kinda.

i'm only going to be post stuff for flight rising for a while until i feel more comfy here
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what r u doing 
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Hey guys, i got a new skype, and it's public too! it's GalaxyOwls if you add it's likely i'll accept n v n
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any one wanna do one???????  I WANT TO DESIGN CHARACTERS AND I WANT TO MAKE SOME CHARACTERS if you guys are interested please note me. i'd like to know what you want as in color pallete and species maybe personality?
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rip hard drive

u will b missed
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so um i was thinking of working on a pet site, like with adoptable and junk. Kinda like Neopets and Khimeros

Would you guys be interested in it? I'd probably do all of the art i'll need someone to code it or something
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I don't have much, still working on things to sell. :3c
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Wow, everyone has been so insensitive about this Tragedy, I'm sorry but before we turn this into another argument about gun control. Can we at least let the parents and relatives grieve?

My heart and concerns go out to those who lost a child or a friend in the shooting.
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I normally wouldnt care about my pony art But i want a separate account just for my pony art so

:iconnite-0wl: :iconnite-0wl: :iconnite-0wl: :iconnite-0wl: :iconnite-0wl: :iconnite-0wl: :iconnite-0wl: :iconnite-0wl: :iconnite-0wl: :iconnite-0wl: :iconnite-0wl: :iconnite-0wl: :iconnite-0wl: :iconnite-0wl: :iconnite-0wl: :iconnite-0wl: :iconnite-0wl: :iconnite-0wl: :iconnite-0wl: :iconnite-0wl: :iconnite-0wl: :iconnite-0wl: :iconnite-0wl: :iconnite-0wl: :iconnite-0wl: :iconnite-0wl: :iconnite-0wl: :iconnite-0wl: :iconnite-0wl: :iconnite-0wl:
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yay also taking 5 dollar commissions this round :u
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Looks like my kawaii Yiynova is frvr broken

oops \_(ツ)_/ was fun while it lasted, I would like a new one though because drawing on a screen is pretty sugoi and feels a bit more natural. Maybe next time ill be a bit more gentle with it. i'd love it if were to get a few more commissions to at least get a new screen for it, that's pretty much the problem. Haha i hate being poor. I still have my Wacom but it's a bit limited as to what programs i can use on my computer , which is pretty much just gimp and sai.
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