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[A full ZapCon VII experience will be written in the future. For now, what you're reading here involves RS' biggest curiosity over one of Treasure's arcade games, Radiant Silvergun... and mainly when that particular version of the game has been scarcely mentioned up to now.]

On May 4th and 5th of this year, it was when the 7th arcade convention ZapCon happened. This time, I bought myself a weekend pass since there was a little amount of homework to do prior to the final week of the spring semester in addition to a temporarily long rest away from Months of Endurance.

At ZapCon VII, they brought an arcade cabinet of Radiant Silvergun, a vertical shoot 'em up game developed by Treasures that was located before the cabinet of Magical Night Dreams - Cotton Boomerang, which was seen before in the other past ZapCon event. Somehow, they both shared the same cabinet model, which turns out those shmups used the same hardware: Sega Titan or ST-V. I didn't hear any audio that came from Radiant Silvergun's cabinet, yet in the case of Cotton Boomerang its overall volume was quite low.

During ZapCon VII, I had just some interests though not much into Radiant Silvergun itself despite I'm aware my brother has liked this game ever since the first time he saw. [One among reasons was due to the presence of Konami's Sunset Riders. Plus, I used to listen to the arcade soundtrack more often than watching the gameplay.]

During the first weekend, I attempted to play the game just for the curiosity of Treasure's contents. I noticed this required two buttons to play instead of three on the control table in which the instruction mentioned. The first button was for the Vulcan shot while the second one was Spread. The third button did not do anything. Pressing both two buttons triggered the ship to use the Sword. I'm never that good at yet do have reasons to enjoy bullet hell depending on what game I'm interested in. Though, somehow I quickly got used to how the controls worked in the game, to the point of knowing when to use the Hyper Sword despite I tended to accidentally activate it upon catching the last pink bullet. The game itself was genuinely hard given it was from Treasure, so I stopped playing after using a couple of continues.

From the second weekend, things got even much interesting as I had the feeling of wanting to go deeper into seeing how the game ended regardless of the amount of continues I used. One time, I saw a boss that resembled the ship from R-Type because of the way the boss attacked, and it had something in front that looked similar to the Force. Anyhow, on the first playthrough, I chose Stage 2 after completing the entire Stage 3 segments. I stopped using the continue when only a couple of seconds were left to complete Stage 1. Around an hour and a half prior to the end of ZapCon VII, I went back to playing it again. This time, I chose Stage 4 and went through Stage 1 and the credits. No matter how many continues I used to beat the game, my experience in playing it along with the gameplay and in-game depths made my interests in Radiant Silvergun [and also Ikaruga] elevated even further.

Sunday night prior to bedtime, I started watching some Radiant Silvergun videos on YT in hoping to find the footage of the game on the arcade system. I looked at a few clips of the Arcade Mode along with a few videos of the arcade version from the ST-V hardware in which all have 3 buttons and the Homing weapon used in the game. It seemed odd that I couldn't find the version that was similar to what I played at the arcade convention, where again only 2 buttons were used. Even when I tried to look for that version on the internet, it was scarcely mentioned. Therefore, the curiosity over that one version I played started to live in my mind... in addition to one... simple... thought: I should have had my camcorder with me to record the playthrough regardless of how dull I was at that game.

Such obsession, as part of my interests in looking at noticeable differences between available versions of a particular game, has given me this intense feeling since that night in hoping to see that one version of Radiant Silvergun on the arcade again in the future. Though, I can be patient until the next ZapCon in 2020.

So, I started to write down a documentation of self-experience in describing the contents of Radiant Silvergun based on what I played at ZapCon VII compared to the one we all know well. It may even be the US version of the game because of the "Winners don't use drugs" screen, yet I'm uncertain whether or not I remember it was there.

Here are several differences I've been noticing from the time I played Radiant Silvergun at ZapCon VII compared to the gameplay I've seen on YT:
:bulletblue: [Unsure] "Winners don't use drugs" screen is included.
:bulletblue: The dialogue in Attract Mode is in English.
:bulletblue: The in-game instruction (e.g. how each button is used) is not present prior to the first stage, Stage 3A.
:bulletblue: Two buttons are used instead of three, meaning Sword can be used by pressing both buttons at the same time.
:bulletblue: Players can only use two weapons: Vulcan and Spread, hence the unavailability of three different weapon combinations.
:bulletblue: Towards the weapon level, only Weapon A&B are shown on the HUD.
:bulletblue: Boss information, including Be Attitude For Gains, isn't present prior to the battle.

In mind, there are questions about when this version was released because of such regional contents, why it has not mentioned often, and whether this is a test version, or a prototype version, or just the official overseas version that has not been heard of. Along with is a silly question in the possibility of beating Radiant Silvergun in 1CC using only Vulcan, Spread, and the Sword... emulating what the version I played has.

Further research on this game will be required, and that means I will have to keep an eye on finding that particular version of the game again... unless someone already has taken the footage(s) of it.

And that is all for today. More will come soon whenever I can find time for it. :pencil:


Rage Sigma
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:bulletblue: Also a regular person who has this small list below:
- Generally interested in Metroidvania games including awesome old 2D Castlevania and Metroid games. [Specially with Castlevania: Circle of the Moon and the Japanese version of Metroid Fusion.]
- Enjoying creative games such as WarioWare, Scribblenauts, or Drawn to Life.
- Oh, in case of absentmindedness, ... Fond of observing several video games [Retro and arcade games for the most...] which are reasonably decent / obscure / underrated / not well known to the public.

:bulletblue: These two things here explain my pattern on :dalogo: up to now:
~ My stuff can be varied depends on my mood or what I've observed by playing or watching. [And basically this is what I feel right now.] :saddummy:
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