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Sakura Haruno BLOSSOMS into Death Battle by ragazz

Sakura Haruno
AKA Sakura Uchiha, Tsunade Nr. 2, The Useless One, Sasuke's fangirl, The Forehead. etc...
Image result for sakura haruno memesImage result for sakura haruno memesImage result for sakura haruno memesRelated image
Age: ~30
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 45+ kg
Sakura in a nutshell:

-Became a Jounin (elite ninja) and a top class medical ninja.
-Has defeated more experienced ninjas than herself.
-With the help of Chiyo, defeated Sasori.

-Played a major role in the 4th great ninja war.
-Saved thousands of ninjas, some of which include Naruto, Sasuke, Hinata, Kankuro, Chiyo, Karin, etc...
-Defeated Kido, an Anbu Root captain in a head-on fight, who had an improved version of a synthetic chakra cloak with nine tails.
-Defeated Rin Tohsaka in an official DBX.

--Whether Rin landed yet or not is still unknown.
-Got praise from Hashirama and Sasuke, of all people.

--The praise was not the only thing she got from Sasuke, but a daughter named Sarada too. She raised her on her own. (Didn't turn out as bad as people would expect)
-Is considered to have surpassed Tsunade.
-One shotted Shin, who gave Naruto and Sasuke some trouble. Then later fought him one on one.

-Sucker punched a goddess.
Related image
-Is still considered useless, despite all this. Yes, this is a feat.

If you're hoping for a tragic past, then go look for another bio. Unlike most characters, Sakura grew up in a normal/regular family, that means normal childhood and no special powers. Soon she found herself out of her teammates league because of that, so she decided to become a student of the strongest woman in the world - Tsunade Senju.

After over two years of hard training, she gained some skills that actually stood out, so she became more helpful over the years and despite Sasuke trying to kill her a few times, Sakura was persistent enough for Sasuke to come to a conclusion: ''If i am to restore my clan, why not do it with her?''. And so both of their dreams were fulfilled, they lived happily ever after...

-Physical strength.
--Even very early in the series, was strong enough to knock out a man in a single kick.
Bandicam 2017-03-11 20-08-03-936 by ragazz
--Even as a kid, could rip out a mast of a ship and use it like a baseball bat.
Sakura Baseball by ragazz
***- Considering the mast's size, it should weigh at least over a ton.

--Can send people a dozen meters away with a punch.
--Stopped the Sasori-chopper and performed a ''get over here!''
Get Over Here 1 by ragazzGet Over Here 2 by ragazz
--Wrecks puppets with a single hit each. Even mach cones form over her fists. And is strong enough to crack the fourth wall.
Sakura Vs Puppets by ragazzSakura Punches The 4th Wall by ragazz
--Could still muster a punch, despite being restricted by Madara's chakra.
Restricted Punch by ragazzRestricted Punch 2 by ragazzRestricted Punch 3 by ragazz

-Chakra Enhanced Strength
Image result for chakra enhanced strength
--FAR higher striking power than normal, can easily kill with a single punch, or break bones and rearrange the face or organs of those tougher ones.
Related image
--Strong enough to hurt anyone in the narutoverse on direct hit.
--Can easily punch 400ton iron blocks into the air.
Punch Iron Blocks by ragazzSakura Kicks Iron Block by ragazz
--One shots giant monsters.
Sakura Kills A Scorpion by ragazz
--Can demolish an entire battlefield with a single punch.
Shannaro by ragazzBandicam 2017-03-12 18-59-25-887 by ragazz
---The dots that were sent flying, are fission beings from the Ten Tails. The smallest ones are atleast twice the size of a human. Everything was sent flying by an indirect punch, speaking of which...

***-Given example is indirectly punching a person sky-high, who is only 1 meter away. In the given example the direct hit would be 13566 times stronger than an indirect one. And thats just a single person being 1 meter away. In Sakura's case, her indirect punch uproots and lifts several building-sized rocks, along with numerous Ten Tail's fission beings each being at least twice the size of a human. All of that is in a way bigger radius than 1 meter.

--Can punch the ground to throw the opponent off-balance.
--Can punch the air and shatter structures without even touching them.
Sakura Air Punch by ragazz
--Can easily lift rocks and walls. Also can throw massive things at high speeds.
Sakura Lifts A Wall by ragazzSakura Rocks by ragazz
Sakura throws a massive thing by ragazz
--Tore apart Sai's binding snake
Sakura Tears Snake by ragazz
--With her arms, outmuscled a lightning style ninjutsu that is similar to a giant bear trap.
--Beat the chakra cloaked Kido. Kept punching him in the same spot until his cells in the area died out due to over-replication

Yes, Sakura's absurd strength comes from chakra, but it doesnt mean she has no raw strength. Every ninja has atleast some level of superhuman physiology and Sakura is no different.

--Even at the very start of her career, could move as a blur. Also can enhance her speed with chakra.
Blur by ragazzChakra Speed by ragazz
--Traveled from the Leaf village to the Sand village in 3 days. It's similar to crossing a continent.
--Dodged Sasori's attacks, with and without Chiyo's help.
Reflexes By Hakuxtemari-d8il5dm by ragazz
--Sent a ''Juubling'' flying at speeds that it made a solid shockwave. Sakura caught up to it via jumping in an arc.
Juubling Flying by ragazz
--Dodged a sea of acid suddenly appearing above her, while carrying Obito. A bit of it splashed on her, though.
Acid 1 by ragazzAcid 2 by ragazz
--Kept up with Naruto and Sasuke on some occassions. Such as:
---Avoided Kaguya's initial attack, which Naruto and Sasuke had trouble avoiding and regarded as fast.
Kaguya attack 1 by ragazzKaguya Attack 2 by ragazzKaguya Attack 3 by ragazzKaguya Attack 4 by ragazz
***Sure, Kakashi had to save her eventually, yes, but think about it - If Sakura would've been able to outrun that arm in a straight line, then she would be capable of just blitzing Naruto and Sasuke while they're at their best.

---Blitzed Shin, who gave Naruto and Sasuke some trouble. Sakura tagged him more than once in general. Also she was dodging relentless attacks from him, where Shin had the home advantage, which matters since he can control any weapon/object that he's marked at will.
Sakura Blitzes Shin by ragazz
Also she was dodging relentless attacks from him, where Shin had the home advantage, which matters since he can control any weapon/object that he's marked at will.
Sakura dodges constant attacks from shin by ragazzSakura Dodging Constant Attacks From Shin 2 by ragazzSakura Dodges Shin Again by ragazz
--Repeatedly dodged Kido's lightning jutsu.
--Kept up with chakra cloaked and non-cloaked Kido, who according to the description could move over 9000mph even without a chakra cloak.
--Strikes fast enough for mach cones to form around her fists.
--Easily strikes several times before the beans can fall any notable distance. Dem cooking skillz, tho.
Sakura Punching Beans by ragazz

--Even as a kid, gets hit by several kunai, got punched in the face a few dozen times right after. Was still functional after all that.
Sakura Gets Punished 1 by ragazzSakura Gets Punished 2 by ragazzSakura Gets Punished 3 by ragazzSakura Gets Punished 4 by ragazzSakura Gets Punished 5 by ragazz
--As a kid, could take hits from a semi-serious Tsunade and get up.
Sakura Gets Punched By Tsunade by ragazz
--Took a paper bomb explosion point-blank without any notable damage. That typical durability of clothes in fiction, tho.
Sakura Alahu Akbar 1 by ragazzSakura Alahu Akbar 2 by ragazz
--No sold getting stabbed by Madara
--Got zapped by Kido's lightning style clone.
--Got pierced by Kido's chakra tail, kept charging at him despite the tail inside her.
--Got blasted by Kido's tailed beast bomb, but kept coming back. Not exactly a full-fledged tailed beast bomb, but according to description, it is similar to this:

--Can cover her body with chakra for increased defence. Armament haki, bois.

-Stamina/Chakra reserves
--Punched, healed, and evaded throughout the fight with Sasori - one of the longest fights in the series.
--Was healing the Allied Shinobi Forces night and day. Healed thousands of people via Katsuyu.
--Restored Naruto's and Kurama's chakra with her own over the course of three days.
Bandicam 2017-03-13 11-00-48-030 by ragazz
--Strength of a Hundred seal (that thing on her forehead). Its like a second container of powerful chakra that Sakura stored up over three years. Provides additional large reserves of chakra and boosts Sakura's physical stats.
Related imageRelated image
--With the seal's chakra, Sakura could provide enough power for Obito to open portals to Kaguya's dimensions multiple times, which is a bit taxing even for Kaguya herself after repeated usage.
Dimension Travel by ragazzDimension Travel 2 by ragazz
--After getting drugged, fought multiple Anbu root members with chakra cloaks. Then fought Kido and was healing not only herself, but him as well to overtax his cell division to completely break through his special chakra cloak armor.

Taijutsu: Literally meaning "Body Techniques", Taijutsu refers to techniques using the natural human body. Taijutsu does not require chakra. These techniques focus on the martial arts and hand to hand combat, and chakra can be used to enhance the effects of taijutsu. Taijutsu is much faster than most ninjutsu and genjutsu.
Sakura Vs Ino H2h Additional by ragazzSakura Taijutsu by ragazzSakura Taijutsu Again by ragazz
--Is actually good at it. Accumulated a reasonable amount of experience over the years.
--Manhandled a dozen puppets with weapons covered in deadly poison coming from multiple directions, without taking a scratch.

--Had a slugfest with Ino, which lasted around 10 minutes
Ino And Sakura by ragazz
--Trained with Tsunade for ~3 years.

--Manhandled Kido and his cloaked underlings
--Kept up with a number of other ninjas from fillers and movies.
--Skilled at evasion.
--Taught to predict attack patterns from memorizing opponents body movements
---Caught on Sasori's attacks by watching his fingertips.

-Chakra control.
The applications of chakra usage and its cost-effectiveness
--Is the best in her class at it. Probably.
--Can amplify her strength, speed and even durability with it.
--Can move on all kinds of surfaces, like water, trees, cliffs, walls. Horizontal and vertical surfaces included.
--Due to her proficiency in it, her abilities are very cost-effective. It basically means that her abilities don't drain her that fast.

-Is skilled at recognizing and disabling genjutsu (Illusions). Aside from the games, was not shown using a genjutsu herself.

-Mad cooking skillz.
--Made a pill so delicious, that Choji was knocked unconscious.
--Can apply her chakra control for cooking...

-Top Class Medical Specialist.
--Taught by Tsunade. Can perform surgeries, autopsies and all things medical.
--Can extract poisons, analyze the poisons and create antidotes even for the most deadly of poisons. Can even make a poison of her own and coat a kunai in it.
---Cured Kankuro from Sasori's poison. Something that the whole Sand village was unable to do

Image result for sakura extracts poison

--Chakra scalpel
Turns her chakra into a small, sharp blade.

Related image
---Used for sharp, precise incisions. Can be used in battle.
----Used it to manually pump Naruto's heart.
---Good for cutting muscle tissues and tendons, etc...

--Mysitcal Palm Technique.
Sakura Healing
---Speeds up natural healing by sending chakra into the wound. Can heal internal and external injuries. Also can stop the bleeding.
---Is able to use it without handsigns and even when a poisoned sword is through her gut.
Sword In The Gut by ragazz

--Mitotic Regeneration.
An healing jutsu that regenerates the damage automatically as long as Sakura has chakra. The Strength of a Hundred seal provides that chakra.
Related image
---Easily heals fatal injuries and keeps Sakura alive until they are healed.
---No problem in regenerating vital organs. Was not shown regenerating limbs, even if it would make sense to assume that it can.
***In some translations, it states that it can regenerate limbs too.
Sakura And Tsunade Can Regenerate Organs And Limbs by ragazz
---Heals almost instantly by rapidly dividing and creating new cells.
----This means, that when this technique is used, Sakura shortens her lifespan, because cells can divide a limited amount of times.

--Substitution jutsu
Sakura Substitution by ragazz
---Switches places with a nearby object. Good at fooling the enemy, making them think that their attack connected.

--Clone jutsu
Sakura Clones by ragazz
---The clones arent solid and cant attack the enemy. They serve as diversions at best.

--Transformation jutsu.
Sakura Transformation by ragazz
---Can transform into any person or any object.
---Can fool an opponent visually, but cant fool those who can recognize people by their energy or their scent, etc...

--Summoning jutsu: Katsuyu.
Katsuyu By Hakuxtemari-d8zpchd by ragazzImage result for katsuyuImage result for katsuyu
Image result for katsuyuImage result for katsuyu
---A huge slug. Pretty much immune to physical attacks and can spit acid from her mouth that melts stone in a heartbeat.
---Can split into thousands of human-sized slugs. Can be used to heal thousands of people at the same time.
---Even when split, has the awareness of all the small slugs at the same time, since it is a one being
---Can take people inside her bodies to protect them against attacks.

Sakura is shown using several methods to fight:
1. Charge in and punch.
-A very straightforward approach. Usually used against multiple opponents or against big creatures. Or when she is in a team, it is used for the finishing blow.
Sakura Charge And Punch 1 by ragazz
2. Evade and counterattack.
-Mostly used in one on one.
Sakura Vs Ameno by ragazzSakura Dodge And Counter 2 by ragazz
3. Deception. Making the enemy think they beat her and then counterattack when they get close.
-Mostly used against those who are difficult to find or to get close to.
Sakura Deception 1 by ragazz
4. Take a hit, to get a hit in.
-Mostly used if all of the above fails.
-Charges in, takes a blow, regenerates the damage with Mitotic Regeneration while charging, then punches.

Sakura Intelect by ragazz
-Very knowledgeable in plants, poisons and all things medical.
-Is the leader of the hospital.
-Has a good memory. Can memorize opponent's body movement for their attacks.
-Is pretty smart in and out of combat.
-Passed the written test in the chuunin exams without cheating, even though she was supposed to cheat.
-Can make reasonably competent traps.
Its A Trap 1 by ragazzIts A Trap 2 by ragazz
-Fooled a number of ninjas over the years.
-Fooled her own comrades into fighting each other and used the opportunity to knock them out with sleeping gas. Yeah, that was not very nice.
-Has good teamwork. She haven't seen Sasuke for at least several years, by the way.
Sakura And Sasuke Teamwork by ragazz
-Fooled a Neji impostor and took him down.

-Kunai knife
Kunai by ragazzSakura Pins Naruto To A Tree by ragazz
--Can be used in close combat or thrown.
--Is quite skilled with it. As shown above, pinned a falling Naruto to a tree by his jacket, without hurting him.
--Can be coated in poison.
--A paper bomb can be attached to it.
Paper Bomb By Hakuxtemari-d8icgs9 by ragazz

-Paper bomb
Paperbomb by Dynamo1212
--An explosive piece of paper, something similar to a grenade.
--Can be place on any object as a trap, even on the opponent himself. Also can be attached to a Kunai knife and thrown.

--A thrown weapon, thats about it.
Multiple Phantom Shuriken 1 by Dynamo1212Shuriken by ragazz

-Smoke bomb
--Creates a smokescreen
Smoke bomb 1 by Dynamo1212

-The sleep bombs
Sleep Grenades By Hakuxtemari-daa54zq by ragazz
--Those who inhale the gas, will be put to sleep.

-Food pills
Military Rations PillSakura Takes A Chill Pill by ragazz
--Replenishes chakra and gives somewhat of a boost.
--Sakura can make them herself, although her first try did not turn out too well...

-Tsundere. Is like a sister figure to Naruto and has only the best wishes for him. Despite that, Naruto has tasted Sakura's fist a number of times. Sometimes he had it coming, though.

-Has a competetive attitude towards Ino Yamanaka.
-Had problems keeping her emotions in check throughout most of the series, usually when it was about Sasuke.
-Is willing to put herself in harms way for others.
--Took a hit for Sasuke from Gaara and took a stab for Lady Chiyo from Sasori.
Sakura Takes A Hit For Sasuke by ragazzSakura Takes A Hit For Chiyo by ragazz
-Doesnt like to lose and has a strong will. Sometimes.
-A loving and protective mother.

Weaknesses by ragazz
-While she has alot of it, chakra still has a limit
-Mitotic Regeneration shortens her lifespan, because cells can divide a limited amount of times.
-Is mostly a close quarters combatant. So while powerful, her offense is not the most versatile.
-Is not a very likeable character and her boobs are too small to compensate.
-Over the years, had her fair share of failures, such as:
--Failed to stab Sasuke in the back, stopped at the very end. Almost got herself killed.
Sakura Tries To Kill Sasuke 1 by ragazzSakura Tries To Kill Sasuke 2 by ragazz
--Failed to stab Obito's rinnegan before it was too late, even when he was asking her to stab it.

Sakura: I've always considered myself to be a true ninja… but those were just empty words, because Sasuke and Naruto were always in the lead! But now it's my turn to take the lead, and all of you can watch me from the background!


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Pink is for badass

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3. Rukia Kuchiki (Bleach). The female leads of the big shounen anime, who are sister-figures for the main character.
Cherry vs Death and Strawberry

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4. Meninas McAllon (Bleach). Both have monstrous strength, but the boob size could not be more different.

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5. Kagura (Gintama). The leading ladies with monster strength, who tend to beat the protagonists from time to time. 
A girl from the strongest race in the universe vs a girl from the most average family in the Hidden Leaf village.

Image result for erza scarlet artwork
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Image result for Rin tohsaka artwork
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Hate vs love, fan battle.

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Caitlin by ragazz
28. Caitlin Fairchild (Gen13). Beauty, Brain and Brawn.

And those few from the Narutoverse:
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1. Tsunade Senju (Naruto). A student vs sensei. Connections/similarities? - all of them.

Image result for hinata artwork
2. Hinata Hyuga (Naruto). ''Who would win in a fight already, for gods sake?!''

Feel free to use the bio, but dont forget to ask for permission first. And dont forget to give credit where credit is due.
Might do a bio for pre-skip version later.

Feel free to recommend more possible opponents, i might add them.
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TheDemonGirl84 Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Ino : (Back In Naruto) You've blossomed into a beautiful flower.

Entire Sakura Fanbase : (Over in The Last+Boruto) DAMN FUCKING STRAIGHT
Matt-Cricket Featured By Owner Edited Nov 4, 2017
wow so witty!
why do people even do things like this if they cant even be neutral and impartial? and i know you're not since you started out with those absurd false childish memes of anti sakura shit. 
like implying that she cries over trivial wounds while ignoring her friends more grevous wounds. fucking pathetic and a massive misreading of the character. or you simply forgot that she took a poisoned sword in the stomach, got impaled by madara, poisoned by kuramas chakra and took kaguya's acid in the back. there isn't anything she wouldn't do to protect her friends. and isnt nearly as sasuke obsessed as haters would like to believe. 

 Who will out-useless the other?
neither you ridiculous buffoon
ragazz Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2017
i dont actually hate her. those jokes and memes were the representation of the fandom. i was just being neutral and representing all perspectives. and those feats you are referring - i did mention them.
sorry if this insulted you in some way.
Matt-Cricket Featured By Owner Edited Nov 4, 2017
you do actually hate her and this entire article is filled with back handed comments constantly accusing her of being useless. 
you intetionally and knowiingl angered the entire sakura fandom who find this, thinking they could find some decent unbiased things about her abilities. and they get this.

"AKA Sakura Uchiha, Tsunade Nr. 2, The Useless One, Sasuke's fangirl, The Forehead. etc..."
right off the bat huh? 
what a tough guy you are. tell me again how useless she is when shes saving your entire world from being nuked or putting your guts back into your stomach or helping your kid in the hospital she HELPED FOUND. 
yeah you're so neutral, when your saying nonsense like "who will out useless the other" or implying that sasusaku is just sasuke being an abusive cunt when you know full well that is massively false and you are intentionally lying to get a rise out of people. and why even bring it up when its supposed to be feats only? concentrate on that! you don't need to start pairing wars for no reason.

-Is not a very likeable character and her boobs are too small to compensate."
you're so witty! and unbiased! truly a likeable man you are, and truly you're worthy of being spoken like boomstick or whiz or cartoon fight club! you're not making useless snark or falsely accusing aduilt mother sakura of having a small chest for no reason...

your so neutral that you say that plot like not murdering a main character (sasuke) is proof of how weak and worthless she is. wow so great. so well reasoned (you failed to mention that the poison kunai was worthless and wouldn't have actually killed him no matter what she did). 
and just like the below thing, there was heavy circumstance behind this. for one, sakura would struggle to murder ANYONE while their back is turned. she was only pushed to this confrontation by the aspect of potential war breaking out and her friend getting himself killed. she hesitated for TWO OUNCES OF A SECOND and then thats your proof that her will was completely crumbling? this job is hard as it is without having to battle against your own former friend, and possibly murder him. 

"'--Failed to stab Obito's rinnegan before it was too late, even when he was asking her to stab it."
that was probably in a space of about two seconds. she was
- exhausted and mentally drained from the endless war
- squeamish about ANY violence let alone squishing a gross eyeball
- obito could have done it himself earlier rather than attempt to uselessly rinne tensei the dead.
- sakura had no idea madara had the ability (and NEITHER DID ANYONE ELSE) that madara can somehow impossibly steal and use kamui within seconds of shoving it into his skull somehow impossibly. and thus has no reason to rush her decision. you are also overestimating just how long it was taking. all anime stretches things out and for sakura it was probably LITERALLY 2 seconds before getting interrupted.  did you suddenly forget that ninjas are super fast? 
- she was told this out of the blue and barely even told why. 
- she still didn't fully trust obito and has every single reason to believe it could still be some sort of elaborate trap.

and even with everything i just said, even the first reasoning is all you need. shes exhausted, mentally drained and not exactly thinking clearly. 

"who are in love with an emo kid."
your real up to date on childish insults, huh?
plus who wouldn't be "emo" after losing your family, and getting tortured and beaten into a coma?

" haters gonna hate."
especially when said haters throw out ridiculous accusations to downplay a character out of bias.
GodDragonKing Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2017
Female leads, both tsunderes, both tend to rely on others, yet one is hated and the other is loved.
Well it helps that Rin does more stuff and was better example of a tsundere since she just has some humor at Shirou's expense and called him out for being dumb instead beating him like Sakura did to Naruto
Also for feats, don't forget that Sakura did also help Hinata and Naruto become a couple.
Matt-Cricket Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2017
"instead beating him like Sakura did to Naruto"'
which happened like three times in all of part 2 and was strictly comedic. 

GodDragonKing Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2017
It's still what would amount to domestic abuse, and it's played as a joke because it's a girl hitting a boy.
Matt-Cricket Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2017
then domestic abuse is pretty much EVERY SINGLE TIME an anime character comedicly bonks another on the head when thye do something stupid or are being a perv.
vegeta was "domestically abusing" goku when goku tried to solicite bulma for naked pics, right? 
of course not because you like vegeta. meanwhile sakura gets the brunt of endless undeserved nonsense.
spare me. 
are you really so deranged and delusional you think sakura intended actual harm on her own best friend and is some kind of sadistic witch? harm which the anime pretends never even happened, as soon as the scene turns serious? 
whenever it IS serious, sakura is one of the most lovely, serious, child loving, selfless, self-hating, humble characters in the series. but yeah sure lets judge her on intentionally comedic bonking on the head. 
GodDragonKing Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2017
Okay get your details straight, Goku offered to let the Elder Kai kiss Bulma, without her consent. Vegeta's anger was completely justified, and he didn't beat Vegeta like Sakura does has done to Naruto. No, Sakura didn't intend any permanent injury, but she was still hitting him for reasons that any real person would consider unwarranted, but the series plays a joke. Not saying it can't it be funny, but the series is still playing off something as a joke that would be horrifying if we saw it in the real world.
Matt-Cricket Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2017
sakura was hitting him for comedic purposes, as almost every and any anime character would do if the animator thought it would be funny. ive seen it a million times, spare me. 
call it japan having a weird sense of humor, call it whatever you want. 
its just because its sakura, and you dont like her, that you're making it a huge court case of "abuse". 
more to the point, its a point of contention IN A WORLD WHERE CHILDREN KILL EACH OTHER. spare me your moralising. it would be horrifying in the real world? its like the most benign, minor thing compared to all the nazi level shit that also exists in the ninja world. 
itachi commited genocide and betrayed his superior officer by hiding information from her, but yes lets focus on the bonkings on the head of a known proven clown and perv. so evil! what a bitch! i mean i know she took a poisoned sword to the stomach for an old woman she barely knows, but SHE BONKED NARUTO ON THE HEAD! PURE EVIL!  
Phantasm-Of-Grey34 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Ok, I think that's enough. He made a few jokes, don't take it like it's the end of the world. And why even bring DBZ into this? Lay off of him, yo.
Matt-Cricket Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2017
he outright lied and spread misinformation. 
so no i will not. 
and he didn't do this with any other profile that i saw. 
all the snarky "lol shes so pathetic" comments slipped in were saved only for sakura's pages. 
so spare me the false neutrality and claims that he "has no problem" with her. 
Phantasm-Of-Grey34 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
False neutrality? Excuse me, I love Naruto as much as you do. Don't presume to tell me when I'm being false. And I've heard it from his lips. It's a joke. And besides, if you don't like this one, go to another Sakura bio. There's probably quite a few on DeviantArt. Besides, when you think about it, Sakura has shown to be kind of pathetic when compared to the main cast. Eventually, she showed her worth as a character. Physically, she's probably one of the strongest beside Guy and Tsunade.
Matt-Cricket Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2017
she has not, that is a ludicrous ridiculous claim. 
and how can you admit she showed her worth, when riddled through this so called bio is snark and back handed comments about her being weak and worthless and overemotional? 
the fact you are still accusing her of "patheticness" shows where your biased opinions really lie. you didn't do this for any other bio. post stupid memes, post condescending crap in the weakness section, state blatantly false debunked nonsense in the weakness section, repeatedly accuse adult sakura of having no chest (and literally correctly said that a 12 year old has no tits but that's beyond creepy in of itself). 

if you can't even just tell me the feats without adding all the unnecessary character bashing, why even do it? why even waste your time? 
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EuclideanMan Featured By Owner Edited Mar 17, 2017
nice as always

wish I cold do a vs battle myself but I am very lazy :D

from looking at the opponents I can figure out who might win just for fun

1. Sakura
2. Sakura
3. Rukia
4. Sakura
5. Sakura
6. Erza
7. Sakura
8. Rin
9. Sakura
10. Sakura
11. Draw
12. Korra
13. Sakura
14. Sakura 
15. Tifa
16. Sakura
17. Sakura
18. Draw 
19. Sakura
20. Sakura
21. Leon
22. Sakura
23. Cinder 
24. Sakura
25. Sakura
26. Draw
27. Sakura

So out of 27 Sakura takes 17, Draws in 3, Loses in 7 not bad
ragazz Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017
thank you for ur opinion.
EuclideanMan Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017
no problem ;)
SSJ4Truntanks Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2017
Great bio man. Well done.
ragazz Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2017
SSJ4Truntanks Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2017
You're very welcome.
NocturnBros Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2017  Student Writer
Great bio, as always.
ragazz Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2017
as always? my bios are always great?
thank you very much.
NocturnBros Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2017  Student Writer
Yes, I personally find your bios to be very good, as they have sources for nearly everything, and I also like how you list possible opponents for the character.
ragazz Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2017
i think so too
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