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Been 1 1/3 year since the last journal, I guess. That's several months.
I'm in Tokyo since 10 months, fancy that. It's a rad place.

Thanks for all the birthday greetings! I'm currently working on a new Touhou comic for Reitaisai 10, where I will participate.
I guess I should post some pages here too. Been too busy.
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Guess I should change this. Commissions are not open now.
Not that I ever got any, but I should say it anyway.

Currently working on big Touhou fan comic to be finished for Uppcon 12.
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I changed my commission prices a bit. They're still open.

US$20 for a b/w drawing, one character, simple background
+ $20 for extra character or complex background

$50 for color picture, one character, simple background
+ $50 for extra character or complex background

Remember to watch Scraps for oekaki uploads.

För eventuella svennebananer: Jag kommer att sälja fanzin på Small Press Expo i Kulturhuset i Stockholm den 5-7 maj. Det är gratis och öppet för alla, så kom och besök Kvarnby Folkhögskolas serietecknarklassbord!

Jag kommer även att ha ett bord i Artists' Alley på Uppcon 3-5 juni. Förhoppningsvis har jag då ytterligare ett nytt Touhoufanzin. Jag kommer att göra beställningsteckningar också.
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Well, to put it bluntly: I need some extra money. And since I'm not really doing anything right now, I might as well draw something. So, if you have some extra money and want something drawn, please drop me a note.

Standard fare would be something like this, I believe...
US$20 for a b/w drawing, one character, simple background
+ $10 for extra character

$50 for color picture, one character, simple background
+ $25 for extra character

Acceptable? It's a couple of hour's work, after all. And it's less than half of the recommended union prices. Strike while you can! I'll do my best, of course.

Let's hear your thoughts.
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Uh, oh yeah, I suppose TANKS2 is done and up for sale right about now. Please buy it if you live in Sweden or just happen to visit Sweden. Also, don't forget the Scraps.

I'll continue working on my new book soon.
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Don't forget to look at them! I have a lot, including all my noteworthy oekakis.

Not much left of TANKS 2 now.
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Touhou is under control.
Thought I'd write something else here.
~15 pages left to draw, ~40 pages left to graytone.
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Yeah yeah, it took up too much space...
TANKS 2 is going alright. Will be out some time this autumn.
I'm learning Touhou. It's a daunting task.
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Inspired by Inkmo's journal, I'll do the same thing; that is, explaining the music I listen to through some of my characters.
The ones most likely to listen to what I do are my girls from Mascatropolis (soon to be) fame.

1. Organism 12 - Sångfågel
Lydia says:
This is a Swedish rapper guy, and this song is from his more poetic album. Not the best track though, it's pretty meh. He's better when he's mean and raw like when he's with the other guys in "Mobbade barn med automatvapen" (Bullied kids with autoguns).

2. Philemon Arthur and the dung + goto80 - Djurvisa
Tiff says:
The original Philemon Arthur is more in Lillies realm - or maybe her little brother's - two guys and some cans, a guitar and an old recorder in their grandma's attic, singing ugly but funny songs about random stuff. This, however, is a chip remix by likewise Swedish goto80, and it's nice and catchy.

3. Go! Go! 7188 - Otonano Himitsu
Lillie says:
Ah, delicious deliverance by Japanese pop-punk-rockers Go! Go! 7188. Daringly driven on a punkrockish beat with lavish lyrics and rolling riffs, this is an ear-catching tune of the highest quality.

4. Shiina Ringo & Utada Hikaru - Won't last a day without You
Tiff says:
This song is from Ringo's cover album "Utaite Myouri", and also features Utada, one of the biggest pop/r 'n' b idols in Japan right now. It's a beautiful song, the original is by The Carpenters, and their unique voices complement each other perfectly. It wasn't originally a duet, but it's very good this way.

5. Kent - Järnspöken
Lillie says:
I'm not normally a sucker for this Emo stuff, but Swedish Kent strikes a special nerve in my sassy lil' skull. However, this is my least favourite song from last album "Du och jag Döden" (You and me Death). Their ballads are often a bit too slow and sappy, I like their catchy and melancholic power pop tunes better. New album soon! I'm sure it'll be awesome.

6. by Goran Bregovic - Le Lys Vert - La Bottine Souri
Lillie says:
Magnificent music! Now this is as smascarpone as it gets - a flying stomper with roots in Irish folk songs as well as slavic country music, this is a tune that just accelerates with increasing intensity, to explode in a cloud of dansante delight.

7. Judy and Mary - Lucky Pool
Tiff says:
This is really an average song from the 90's Happy punk-rock 'n' loli group Judy and Mary (the name is said to refer to the two conflicting sides of your personality), but they're always cute and straightforward. This is more of a noisy pop song.

8. Shiina Ringo + Saitou Neko - Kono yo no Kagiri
Tiff says:
Another duet with Ringo, this time in a very 30's European cabaret style. The other voice is a man, but I'm not sure if Saitou Neko is the singer or the conductor of the orchestra...
Anyway, it's a nice song too, and I always like all the different styles she try.

9. Utada Hikaru - BLUE
Tiff says:
I mentioned Utada earlier, and this is from her last album, "Ultra Blue". She's really a huge artist, and has sold so many records I don't even know where to start. This song is pretty soft and melancholic, and even though I don't understand the lyrics, it feels like a longing of sorts. She has a beautiful voice.

10. Data East 1991 - Werewolf a
Tiff says:
Good old NES music :3

(bonus song)
IOSYS - Marisa stole my precious!
Lillie and Tiff:
Why why why why don't I miss you a lot forever? ;_; Desu.
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I'm thinking of submitting the TANKS cover as a print.. Anyone interested?
And in that case, should it be with or without the title? My name will be made much smaller in any case. THINK ABOUT IT DESU.
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Finally I can take it easy a while... if I wasn't working on the next book.
All the illos are done and uploaded, homepage done (here) and the book is out sunday or monday.

I'll try to get a paypal order site up for international orders soon.
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Thunk you. I is so hapi.
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oh snap.
At least for me :(
I've connected myself to the school network now, instead of the old ISP, and they've shut off things like DC++ and torrents, but there also seem to be some kind of blockings of random websites somehow.
My friend can't get into 4chan, and although that's not a problem for me (but it's slow now, goddamn!), isn't working! >_<
iichan is another wakaba board BBS, but with a much nicer tone than 4chan, and it has a lot of speciality boards. Among them the super cozy Azumanga board, which I now can't enter... :(
It's really strange, as even not4chan is working, and they only have loli... >_>

Ah, the mystical ways of the internet...
I'll have to write to the admins and see what they say...
Zing donate to! Oh the drama...