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'Alduin feyn do jun'

"Alduin bane of kings"

(You better download it to get the best impression, especially of Alduin.)

Dovahkiin facing Alduin.. just an idea of how I'd imagine an epic final battle could be.

Skyrim... such an amazing province in such an amazing universe!
Looking trough the artbook accompanying the Collector's Edition, You are left in awe by all the details and amazing designs..

While taking a break from studies I put this on the digi-canvas while having the inspiration.
Rough greyscale painting and some color and light effects.

Any opinions?

Skyrim © Bethesda
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Just wanted to let you know, someone has posted the same thing...Alduin and the Dragonborn
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Wow I found this pic so many times I believed it was an official artwork!
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The world eater
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*sigh* I seem to come back here once in a while to report this picture stolen. I can't completely blame 'em - this is one of the best Skyrim works ever.

But unfortunately someone is using your Alduin on a t-shirt to sell: seen here.

All they did was edit the wings and make it a black silhouette, but the body is an exact match to your Alduin. I commented on it so hopefully they'll change it, but I figured I'd let you know. If I find any others on t-shirt sights I'll reply to this comment with it.

Still an awesome work of art though. So is the rest of your gallery. :)
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I'd like to have tinvaak with you ;)
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I remember reproducing this in 2014, Didn't come close to the detail here though
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So the Dragonborn is going to get one good swing at him and then tumble down the mountainside.
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Super awesome. And i can just hear Dovahkiin making the most epic battleroar while Alduin is starting to speak the shout for fire breath.
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Plot Twist: He misses and falls to his death.  XD
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No words...too epic...
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So epic it blew me of my chair!
I like the snow, but the amount of detail on Alduin is amazing!
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i wish that would be able ingame XD 
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it should have cut to a cutscene like this at the end of the game.
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2 years since I first saw this image and it's still one of the best things ever. It's been the wallpaper for the Windows 7 install on my MacBook Pro for most of those 2 years...
Still amazing in every way, makes my own Skyrim fanart seem like the scrawlings of a child.
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Super excellent!!! I love all of it!
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Beautiful piece in any case by the by!
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Legends don't burn down villages.
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 Wow Such amaz. very skyrim:P
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