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:wave Hello there :D

Day84 - Time Flies How time flies! Welcome to the third edition of the RagamuffinCollective gallery feature. There's been a lot of lovely artworks that have come into the gallery this week that I'm sure you'll like, if not absolutely love ;) If you like the art that's in this week's feature, please consider adding the Collective to your watchlist. :)

Daisy thanks for watch A big thank you to those of you who have graced the gallery walls with your beautiful art, those of you who have stopped by to look at the art, and those who've added the Collective to their watch. Thank you also to new contributor LawrenceCornellPhoto :)

And so, to the feature! Enjoy! :D

Cheers fella white-wine (party) Cheers, Monica :D

cheers From the Photo Manipulation gallery:

No Mercy No More
There`s more...
Madame Juliet

:cheers: From the Digital Art gallery:

I dream of a manmade hell
On the road
Speedpaint | Kalane and the Casual Talk with Birds
Walking Through Sun, Moon, and Stars
We are born of the blood
Winter Hunter
Meeting Herne
'Butterfly town'
Cyberpunk Universe 1
The hogskeeters descend

Cheers! From the Traditional Art gallery:

Monarch butterfly and wild flowers
'Someone Else' - Art Assessment
Reclamation Earth
Oak Charm

(Cheers!) Emoticon From the Artisan Craft gallery:

My sky #08 - Key chain
Light blue labradorite pendant
Runic Dragon journal by Dragonarium
Victorian Christmas (Book Folding)
Deadhead moth

Cheers fella (party) From the Fan Art gallery:

Little Women Illustrated Journal Page
Sylvari and Oakheart Commission

Cheers with Champagne Emoticon From the Photography Gallery:

Great Spotted Woodpecker
Luna he border collie
Nature's bounty.
Argus Wings - IIII
Il Coraggio di Andare
Cordillera Paine Patagonia Chile 00

Cheers From the Mixed Media gallery:

October 26/2019
Necromancer | Inktober 08, 2020
An Invitation
Storybook Castle

Cheers From the Stock and Tutorials Gallery:

ENIA - Stock Pack 1
Step-by-step (The Eagle Archery)
Stylised Brushes For Procreate

Emoticon - Pingy Thank You! If you've made it this far... thank you! :D :D

Question Mark Would you like to affiliate? Do you have a contest or challenge you'd like to promote? If yes, send me a note- I'd be happy to help! :)

Bye That's all for this week! :wave:

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Thank you very much for the feature! Sorry for the late reply!