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Witherfang, Lady of the Forest

"You are my maker Zathrian. You gave me form and consciousness where none existed. I have known pain and love, hope and fear, all the joy that is life. Yet of all things, I desire nothing more than an end. I beg you maker, put an end to me... we beg you... have mercy." ~ Lady of the Forest, Dragon Age: Origins. ©Bioware and EA.

Digital painting done by me! All images are my own, with the exception of:
Cockroaches: :iconshoofly58: Doves: :iconmofarrelly: and :iconrewston-stock: Brushes: :iconaeneakeats: and… Stone Ruin and rubble: :iconbrokenwing3dstock: Model: :iconmjranum-stock: Church and some ferns: :iconsammykaye1sstamps: Trees: :iconspacenewt: Ferns and trees: :iconwammyp: Vines: :iconmaureenolder: and :iconsheisprettystock: Wolf: :iconmoonsongstock: Daisies: :iconlilystox:

This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License

You must attribute the image to me and provide a link to my Deviant Art page
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nice very artistic good detail