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Sleepy Hollow Stamp by lil-richo   No Free Use Button by Amanora

I happened upon this stock image of Katrina van Tassel purely by chance, and knew immediately that I wanted to do something with it. Katrina, as shown here, is dressed in a gown inspired by director Tim Burton's movie version of Washington Irving's literary classic, "Sleepy Hollow". The gown that actress Cristina Ricci wore in the movie was designed by accomplished designer, Colleen Atwood. I find their imagery so inspiring, and I had intended to make this composite in the style of the movie, but as you can see... that didn't end up happening! :D

Thank you stock providers for your stock. You are truly appreciated!

Vintage Shield Style Brooch 
Katrina van tassel single 2 
Lantern 2
Western - Cowboy Photoshop and GIMP Brushes 
Aged Antique Paper 8 
Vintage Black Stripe
Black Cat
STOCK PNG ferns night and day 
Halloween Pumpkins
Pumpkin Group PSD
apple tree by cindysart-stock 
Png Plant C 
Red Acorn Branches Cut Out
Trees 12 PNG Stock 
Trees 08 PNG Stock
ivy in autumn
spider png
Spider web PNG 
Plants PNG
Old Graveyard by CD-STOCK
Enchanted Forest 04
Sky: depositphotos.com/14112664/sto…
Church: depositphotos.com/4540146/stoc…
Horseman: depositphotos.com/52446941/sto…
Cardinal: depositphotos.com/41382681/sto…
Lychgate: depositphotos.com/377309668/st…
Hillside: depositphotos.com/7346989/stoc…

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I love this! so intricate and beautiful :heart:

RagamuffinRose's avatar

.:blush:. Thank you very much for your kind words, and for your fab stock :heart: I appreciate both :hug:

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Burton one of my fav! cool visual story with the fence and girl on foreground and with the cemetery in the middle and the horseman with the cutted head on the background

beautiful tribute to the movie!

RagamuffinRose's avatar

Thank you for your lovely comment, Draake :) Burton is a real favourite of mine too- he's such a visionary, and his artistic background really shows in every aspect of his films.

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Wow~ such a brilliant, mind-blowing, atmospheric and Autumn homely scene. It gives off a feeling that she's waiting for someone even tho there's no sign of hope. I bet you had invested a lot of your time in this breath-taking yet seamlessly stunning composition, every detail seems to narrate a story of its own. The colours, mood, lighting and vegetation reminds me of Halloween(I can see pumpkins;p) Oh..that black cats gives a sinister feel to it. Let's get the hell out of here lest she shows her evil face!:) Once again, a brilliantly marvellous job, dear Monica. I also love your signature style like frame. You're a wonderful and talented artist:clap:Keep sharing your AWESOMENESS:heart:

RagamuffinRose's avatar

Thank you so much, dear Hazel :hug: Your thoughtful comments keep me going! This one took an age to do, and I nearly binned it. But, I persevered and I'm really happy with the outcome :heart: Also, I'm glad you like my little frames~ my partner told me that he doesn't like them much! :DThank-you!

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You're very welcome dear Monica:hug: Of course I loved your work, and it's so full of details and amazing story. Glad you didn't delete it..looking at the comments, I can say everyone appreciated your hardwork:) Oh too bad..I can't see why he disliked your sweet frame..it kinda gives a very original appearance, at least to me;)

Live longer -Laugh more-love much
RagamuffinRose's avatar

I'm glad I didn't delete it too :D I hope you are well, dear Hazel, staying safe, and creating more beautiful artwork! :hug:

Flowers and hearts - Pixel divider F2U - right

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:hug: How are things going at your end Monica. It's always nice to hear from you, so sorry for the late reply..been away for few days. A brief break:)

Stay safe and be well, my dear:tighthug:

RagamuffinRose's avatar

I'm well, and I hope you are too :heart: I'm glad you enjoyed your little holiday, and are feeling refreshed and inspired :love: :hug:

WhimsicalBlue's avatar

I'm doing well dear. Thanks for asking:hug: Yeah, am feeling a bit inspired..still working on my dragon piece! Looking forward to seeing more of your amazing talented sweetie:huggle:

RagamuffinRose's avatar

I'm pleased to hear that you are well, sweet Hazel :hug: And, that you're feeling inspired! :clap: I was wondering about your dragon piece and if you were still working on it- I'm happy to know it's progressing (however slowly! :D )

Do you work on more than one piece at a time?

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Great art, I like how the dress reminds me of Beetlejuice directed by Tim Burton who also directed a movie version of Sleepy Hollow.

RagamuffinRose's avatar

Thank you for your lovely comment, Dork Knight :) The gown the model is wearing in my artwork was inspired by Colleen Atwood's design, who did the costumes for both films. So you're absolutely bang on. She's such a talented designer, and very much a part of Tim Burton's "look". I went with scenery from the novel- the movie was very flatly coloured... not really my thing :D

TheDorkKnightReturns's avatar

I'm one of those people who liked the look of the movie with the muted colours and Burton's spooky style, it was I think his idea of a love letter to the Hammer Horror films of old. But that is one interpretation of the story and by no means the only way it should be done which is why I like seeing art like yours where different people put forward different ideas. :)

RagamuffinRose's avatar

Dork Knight- you have a way with words! Thank you so much :hug:

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I enjoyed Sleepy Hollow very much and I am also enjoying your picture very much indeed :D

RagamuffinRose's avatar

Thank you, Lawrence :heart: That's very kind of you to say so :hug:

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Wonderful composition dear!! :love:

RagamuffinRose's avatar

Thank you for your kind words, Maria :hug:

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Amazing pictorical effect! :la: :la: :la:

RagamuffinRose's avatar

Thank you for your lovely comment, Ilaria :hug: I appreciate it! :heart:

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