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Character  FloraLocation  Rome, Italy
The Roman goddess, Flora, in a style inspired by Alphonse Mucha,… whose work I have loved for forever. :heart:

:heart: Happy Birthday to :iconsilvercurlyart:! Have a wonderful day, Christa! :iconflowersplz:

Stock Credits:

Model: lockstock Various Flowers and ribbons: CristoferWaitzh Texture: dazzle-textures CSnyder (deactivated account.) bluesse (No longer available.) Borders: Tigers-stock Butterflies: vanessyca71 Font: twapa… Additional texture and Jewellery: Priss Designs… (Purchased stock.)

Balance of stock used is from my personal collection or painted.


All images on this site under the name "RagamuffinRose" are original works of art and are protected by copyright law. They may not be used, reproduced, distributed, resold, exhibited, downloaded or manipulated for personal or commercial reasons without my express permission. You may not remove my name and copyright.

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stalker034's avatar

absolutely perfect beautiful diamond masterpiece!!!!

RagamuffinRose's avatar

Thank you, dear Vlad :love: Have a lovely day, my friend! (F2U) valentines day molang with flower roses

stalker034's avatar

my pleasure, my dear friend Monica:huggle: :heart: and thank you very much and mutually

Barosus's avatar

I am a huge art nouveau fan, and this is absolutely stunning! My goodness, I love it SO MUCH! 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

Awesome Work. Wild white roses. Orange color
RagamuffinRose's avatar

Aww :love: Thank you, my friend! I'm glad you like it. :) I had so much fun doing this one. I've often thought of making another... perhaps one day soon I shall! :D

Barosus's avatar

Oh, that would be amazing. In fact, I hesitated to ask, because I don't want to impose, but would you mind if I downloaded it to use in my personal desktop slideshow? It wouldn't be shared or anything. No big deal if you say no. It is yours after all. I would just love to include it if you don't mind. No pressure or anything. I just love it.

OMG I just looked at how many favorites it has. I can't even imagine having that many favorites on a single piece. I guess that si the level of difference between a visual arts deviant and literature deviant. Sigh. No. No, I am not envious at all. Why would you think that? LOL

But seriously, I love this. 💖

RagamuffinRose's avatar

I don't mind at all. If it's too small, let me know :) :hug:

As for the number of favourites... it was uploaded a while back (2012), and during the "glory days" of dA. :D Honestly, I'd be lucky to get 50 faves on it now *le sigh*

And as for literature... what a tough gig! I know people often fave stuff from the thumbnail... so if you can't get peeps to look at a picture for two secs.. you're up against it if you want them to actually read something! ;) I'll do my best to bring some balance :) :hug:

And thank you, my friend :hug: I'm so happy you like my artwork :heart:

Barosus's avatar

Thank you so much! 🤗💖✨ It really is beautiful and you have made me feel truly privileged to be able to include it in my desktop slideshow. :):hug: I would never take such gift for granted. I really fee like I owe you one now!Croaking frog emoji v2 Croaking frog emoji v2 Croaking frog emoji v2

RagamuffinRose's avatar

You don't owe me anything :) Your appreciation for my work is more than enough :hug:

Barosus's avatar

So, has anyone written a poem abut you lately? I have done a few for other friends. Heck, I would say most of my stuff is to, for about or inspired by a friend. Here's one I rote a couple years ago about YesterdaysPaper that I think actually ended up being one of my favorite poems -

I actually really need to update it to a visual version (using her stock art of course).

RagamuffinRose's avatar

That's such a lovely thing to have done for your friend. I'm sure she was absolutely thrilled! :love:

And... in answer to your question, I haven't had a poem written about me, but funnily enough, just the other day a friend wrote a poem about one of my artworks! I've added it to my artist's description here:

Summer Melody
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Varagka's avatar

very beautiful!

RagamuffinRose's avatar

Thank you so much! I'm glad you like it love-love-love

philippeL's avatar
RagamuffinRose's avatar

Thank you :) I'm glad you like it :hug:

LynneHendersonArt's avatar

Fabulous! I love Mucha too :>)

RagamuffinRose's avatar

I'm glad you like it :love: Thank you! :hug:

Amaryn-Philomena's avatar

Beautiful art nouveau style!

RagamuffinRose's avatar

Thank you for your lovely comment :love: I'm glad you like it! :heart:

BeatryczeNowicka's avatar
RagamuffinRose's avatar

Thank you so much :) Was a fun piece to do!

BeatryczeNowicka's avatar

And you managed to "catch" the spirit of Mucha's art quite well!

Yeah, he was so tallented...

LindArtz's avatar

Love this, wow, what a beautiful result! :love: !!!

RagamuffinRose's avatar

Thank you! :heart: This was fun to make... and a bit fiddly, but worth the extra effort. :) Was thinking about making another like this... just for funsies! :D

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