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I wasn’t sure whether or not I should upload this piece since it’s so different to what I’d normally do. Not that I don’t upload whatever I like, but this isn’t the style/ type of art I would generally create. It was made for a university project. The brief was to make a “Cultural Portrait” photomontage, in the style of the Dada/ Surrealist artists. If you’re interested, here’s a link … Of course, I had to put my own stamp on it, since I am not a great fan of either movement. :D I have three more of these collages to do yet, so please be patient with me. Normal transmission will resume shortly. ;P

My concept was inspired by something a friend told me way back in highschool. I was complaining about the state of the house I lived in, it being very run-down, and being a teenage girl, I was a more than a bit embarrassed by it, my friends all being from fairly affluent families. Now the girl I was talking to lived in a similarly dilapidated house, but unlike myself and my family, she wore only designer label clothing, ate in the best restaurants and had a flashy car etc.. Her reply to my griping was that people only see your house if you invite them there- you let them see only what you want them to see. So, no-one but me saw the state of the house she and her family lived in, and probably only because she knew mine wasn’t any better. I should add that I didn’t agree with her philosophy (which was no doubt borrowed from her parents) then, and I still don’t.

N.B. Stockists: this work will not be uploaded offsite. The only person, besides other members of dA, who’ll see this will be my lecturer.

Stock Credits:

Model: FlexDreams fahrmboy-stock Tiara: Dori-Stock Distressed Brushes: redheadstock Several Items from SeptdesNovembre OhsheisGaga Wallpaper: laurengee Credit Card: ekwo Dog: Random-Acts-Stock Car: BlokkStox Handbag: An-Unsure-Stock (An-Unsure-Thing ) New House: epiphany-stock Old House: FairieGoodMother Dollar signs: gimmerockstuff Pig: SiwonChoi Dead Tree: gd08


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incredibly brilliantly beautiful diamond masterpiece!!!!

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love the vintage look. Also looks very cohesive and elements work together nicely

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Thank you :) This one is quite a bit different to my usual style- it was a part of a university project I undertook a few years back- a fun challenge! :D

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Your deviation is being featured here: [link]
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You pull off the collage style very well, tho! Love the elements and detail.
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Thank you, milady. :bow:
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Your excellent artwork has been featured in our group´s journal [link]

:iconpearls-of-dreams: TEAM
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:aww: Thank you! That's very kind of you. :huggle:
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You are so welcome, Monica :heart:
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Love to have this in our group :iconalteredmixedcollages:
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Thank you very much for requesting my work for your wonderful group. I appreciate it! :iconflowersplz:
awesome could u make a walkthrough or a tut pls!
RagamuffinRose's avatar
Not sure if my erratic workflow would work for anyone else. ;) But thank you for asking and for your lovely comment! :hug:
it's ok.stay creating
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Thank you very much, my sweet. :glomp: I appreciate it! :iconlovecuddleplz:
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My pleasure, dear Monica:heart:
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Sorry for taking so long in contacting you back. Awesome work on this vintage piece and thanks for using my stock in such a neat way
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No need to apologise. :huggle: I appreciate that you got to see my work at all. Thank you very much for your lovely comment and for the great stock! :love:
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Well done with matching up all those elements with the colors. A lovely manipulation with a clear message. Great work! :D
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haha that is so true, infact I was only thinking of this today, how much of the truth do you let
on about you, we as this world is so stereotyped most people would not say id they had
a little debt, hard time, or just a not a all together family, but does it really matter,
what you see on the outside may not always be what you see on the inside, but whats on
the inside is what is the best of you, and those that don't love the real you are not worth having
around.......great work....:heart:
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