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Artemis and the Golden Hind

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The Greek Goddess of the hunt and protector of the Golden Hind, Artemis. The deer known as the "Golden Hind" (or Ceryneian Hind) was sacred to Artemis and said to have had antlers of gold and to be able to outrun an arrow. 

Also... Asphodels were one of Artemis' favourite flowers. I think they are rather gorgeous too, and I really wanted wanted to incorporate these beauties into this image somewhere where they could be seen... so into the foreground they went... amongst the ferns... in the shade... by the waterside... where in real life, they'd probably turn their toes up and die. :D  I reckon there's not too much wrong with exercising a little "artistic license" now and then ;) 

Thank you stock providers for your kind generosity.

Palm Tree Tube Stock II PNG
Palm Tree Tube Stock III PNG
Fern 1
White Deer 1
Forest Spirt: Elk antler stock by Lord-FurFur
Torch of fire - PNG stock
UNRESTRICTED - Flaming Brazier PNG
Spear by YBsilon-Stock
STOCK PNG bow and arrows
Various Sword pack1 Stock psd
feathered broche png
earrings png
JBS Flutter-Pack White 03
Fire Stock 07
Texture 71 : Gold
FREE STOCK - Palladio Background
Waterfall Stock 18
STOCK PNG Costume 2
Hand Pose Stock - Holding Mug
rainforest stock
Sparks 2
Plants PNG
Png Viny Leaves
Birds 07 :: PNG Stock

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Majestic and magnificent Art! :wow:

I can see you've put your heart and soul into this work. What an awe-inspiring scene, completely outstanding work. I love how you used the stocks and composed it. The colours, details, lighting and the mountains - all are perfectly done! One of your best work dear Monica:heart:

Hats off to your talent:bow:

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Thank you, Hazel- you are so very, very kind to me :hug:

I did, indeed- it got quite exhausting towards the end! :D It took me probably a week to find all the stocks (once I had the concept!) and then another week on and off to put it all together... **phew** ^^; It's so nice to know that all the "little things" in my work haven't gone unnoticed. :love: I do love all the little things :love:

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It goes both ways dear..and you're most welcome anytime! Finding the right stock requires lot of patience and time. But at the end of day, you feel satisfied with your result and that matters the most dear:hug:

All little things helps in making a masterpiece. And so is your artwork dear Monica:blowkiss:

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Thank you, Lawrence :love:

Thank you! Rainbow Emote

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Great imagination,well done!!!

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Thank you! I'm glad you like it :)

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I love Greek mythology and I love the art presented here, so detailed and well made.

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Thank you for your kind words, Dork Knight- they are appreciated :hug: I'm glad you like this one! :heart: Creating the background took more time than anything- I spent quite a few days sifting through beautiful photos of Greece in search of stock (which left me wanting to take a holiday there!) :D

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Very nice creation. 😎🇺🇸

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Your welcome Anytime . 😎🇺🇸🌹
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Yes, it's your image so you use any artistic license you want :) I mean, you weren't taking a photograph were you :D

It's wonderful :)

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Exactly :D Though... I do staging for real estate photography everyday... so there's always a possibly of randomly placed flowers in photographs ;) Also thank you, Lawrence- I'm glad you like it :hug:

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You're welcome

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Gorgeously done!! :thumbsup: :love: !!!

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