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Uziel Mech Take 2

Well, tried a second take on my Uziel, as that pic seems to attract people :)

Took me 3 hours ...
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Pretty sweet Uziel is my favorite mech ever!
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I was introduced to the game in year 7, I was turned into a BT nut by one of my friends. anyway, cool mech, I might of used that one in one of my battles. thumbs up my friend!
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I have always wondered why so many people love the Uziel- sure, the PPC variant is nice, but none of the other deisgns have CASE or max amror to protect their XL engines.

Still, that doesn't mean this isn't a good picture...quite the contrary, in fact...
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mmm...dual EMP cannons...

It was fun in Mechwarriors for Xbox. And the vibrations from charging them up was nice, too. XD

Great job!
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Ja der Uziel... eine hübsche, kleine und gemeine Maschine der Mittelklasse. :)
Find's nur etwas blöd, dass sie den Raketenwerfer direkt auf den Kopf gepackt haben ...

Und so schlecht sind deine Grautöne als Schattierung doch nicht.
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Awesome. Would have loved to see him with more of your "touche". :D
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hehe, I'm tempted to "Rafta" him up a bit more with hard white spaces.
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Sexy drawing of a sexy mech.
The one I drive in most of the battles I attend, souped up of course
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He just looks sexy :)
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my favorite mech. use 2 PPC
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Favourite Mech is FAVOURITE!
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yay battletech!
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what else (except spess mehrens) :D
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40k/battletech crossover?
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