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K-Sha: 'Air-Vent Crawling Behind' by Raffine52 K-Sha: 'Air-Vent Crawling Behind' :iconraffine52:Raffine52 0 0 K-Sha: 'Air-Vent Crawling' by Raffine52 K-Sha: 'Air-Vent Crawling' :iconraffine52:Raffine52 2 0 That was random (3D) by Raffine52 That was random (3D) :iconraffine52:Raffine52 3 3 GMOD Neptunia: K-Sha Artwork by Raffine52 GMOD Neptunia: K-Sha Artwork :iconraffine52:Raffine52 1 3 Blanny Blanny Bii~ about to smash a Bot by Raffine52 Blanny Blanny Bii~ about to smash a Bot :iconraffine52:Raffine52 1 0 Magical Lola by Raffine52 Magical Lola :iconraffine52:Raffine52 1 10 K-Sha half low on Air while swimming by Raffine52 K-Sha half low on Air while swimming :iconraffine52:Raffine52 3 0 Just a K-Sha Posing by Raffine52 Just a K-Sha Posing :iconraffine52:Raffine52 1 0 Rom: 'Come swim with me, K-Sha!' by Raffine52 Rom: 'Come swim with me, K-Sha!' :iconraffine52:Raffine52 2 0 Lowee Twins! by Raffine52 Lowee Twins! :iconraffine52:Raffine52 3 1 Just a Rom by Raffine52 Just a Rom :iconraffine52:Raffine52 3 0 Blanny Blanny Bii~ swims with fish by Raffine52 Blanny Blanny Bii~ swims with fish :iconraffine52:Raffine52 3 0 B-Sha: 'Gunfire' by Raffine52 B-Sha: 'Gunfire' :iconraffine52:Raffine52 1 3 Blanc: Seduction by Raffine52 Blanc: Seduction :iconraffine52:Raffine52 3 16 Noire: 'You forgot your Skirt!' by Raffine52 Noire: 'You forgot your Skirt!' :iconraffine52:Raffine52 4 4 Blanc: STOP STARING AT MY ASS OR I'LL FLATTEN YOU! by Raffine52 Blanc: STOP STARING AT MY ASS OR I'LL FLATTEN YOU! :iconraffine52:Raffine52 4 21


That was random by LunaPrincessNinjato That was random :iconlunaprincessninjato:LunaPrincessNinjato 2 2 SFM Megadimension Neptunia VII: K-Sha by UniWaifu SFM Megadimension Neptunia VII: K-Sha :iconuniwaifu:UniWaifu 14 2 [SFM][Requested] Daytime Sleeping by Armordude91122Cute [SFM][Requested] Daytime Sleeping :iconarmordude91122cute:Armordude91122Cute 10 1 [Request] Neptune and Nepgear exploration by UWDennis [Request] Neptune and Nepgear exploration :iconuwdennis:UWDennis 17 12 Vert by Shakts Vert :iconshakts:Shakts 23 2 Sleeping Uni by thandc Sleeping Uni :iconthandc:thandc 21 6 Uni's Anime Swimsuit by TheGreatPootisWizard Uni's Anime Swimsuit :iconthegreatpootiswizard:TheGreatPootisWizard 29 12 Blanc Stands on Me by XNAFanatic Blanc Stands on Me :iconxnafanatic:XNAFanatic 11 60 Ram Stands on Me by XNAFanatic Ram Stands on Me :iconxnafanatic:XNAFanatic 9 189 Neps in Unreal Tournament '99 by TelekineticCreeper Neps in Unreal Tournament '99 :icontelekineticcreeper:TelekineticCreeper 13 52 C-Sha Hyperdimension Neptunia by jyu-ichi C-Sha Hyperdimension Neptunia :iconjyu-ichi:jyu-ichi 138 4 Helloooooo Ladies (TF2 GIF) by gold94chica Helloooooo Ladies (TF2 GIF) :icongold94chica:gold94chica 153 77 Swimsuit Chloe by XNAFanatic Swimsuit Chloe :iconxnafanatic:XNAFanatic 13 352 Different Weapons by TelekineticCreeper Different Weapons :icontelekineticcreeper:TelekineticCreeper 12 8 [SFM] Lowee 2019 New Year's Special by Armordude91122Cute [SFM] Lowee 2019 New Year's Special :iconarmordude91122cute:Armordude91122Cute 6 2 Day's End by XNAFanatic Day's End :iconxnafanatic:XNAFanatic 15 258



Will type More soon...
Just for fun, Post your Character's Words in the Comments with these Following Things so I can make a Bot Pack Mod out of these:


[IntroStrings] (Spawn)

[RareRoamingStrings] (Sometimes)

[FragStrings] (When they frag someone)

[KilledStrings] (When they die)

[RoamingStrings] (When they chat)

[LosingRoamingStrings] (When they chat while losing)

[WinStrings] (When they win the match)

[LoseStrings] (when they lose the match)
Not letting this awesome piece of Neptunia Models fade away. Although Kuro Took down the 4GO Models, I still have them. Credits goes to the Creator for the Models.

Here's a Link to download them:!WAE1XIab!HhaoABewIxP…
Here's the Rough Script for my Upcoming FFF Video:


The 1996 Demo of Final Fantasy VII, Recreated in Fairy Fencer F: ADF's Engine. Nepgear is the Main Character, With Fang as the Supporting Character, But Tiara Comes along with Nepgear as well. And there are some Changes to Suit The FFVII Mission being in Compile Heart's Style.


The opening sequence: A whirl of stars, humming softly, the view slowly drifting downwards and changing to show Aeris's face lit by Mako.

"Shinra Company" --- A large conglomerate that possesses all of the world's energy and controls its politics.

Outraged by the Shinra,the inhabitants formed the rebel group 'Avalanche' to resist them.

After coming into contact with Avalanche in a bar, Nepgear joins their demolition mission in return for a large reward.

Their target is the Shinra power plant Makoro."

She stands and walks out into the streets of Midgar as the camera pans back to show the city in full before again diving in, this time following a train as it pulls into a station in Sector 8. Biggs and Jessie leap off first, taking out the two guards stationed there. Wedge follows, and the three of them run ahead. Fang and Nepgear leap down last.

C'mon newcomer. Follow me.

Fang runs ahead. Nepgear follows, taking out two guards who stand in his path.

Guards! I won't hold back!

He joins Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie at the gate to the reactor complex, where Jessie is working to open the door.

Wow! You used to be in SOLDIER all right! ...Not everyday ya find one in a group like AVALANCHE.

SOLDIER? Aren't they the enemy?
What's he doing with us in AVALANCHE?

Hold it, Jessie. He WAS in SOLDIER.
He quit them and now is one of us.
Didn't catch your name...


Nepgear, eh? I'm...

Ah, Just forget about that. All I am doing is Finishing the Job that
Histy Sent me.

Fang comes running over.

The hell you all doin'!? I thought I told you never to move in a group!
Our target's the North Mako Reactor. We'll meet on the bridge in front of it.

Jessie opens the door and she, Biggs, and Wedge run through. Fang turns back to Nepgear.

Ex-SOLDIER, huh? Don't trust ya!

Fang runs on ahead. Nepgear looks up at the reactor before following. In front of the reactor, everyone but Wedge heads across the bridge inside.

I'll secure the escape passage. Concentrate on the mission, Nepgear.
Geez, we're really gonna blow this huge furnace up? This'll be somethin' to see!

Nepgear follows the others into the reactor.

Yo! This your first time in a reactor?

No. After all, I did work for Shinra, y'know.

The planet's full of Mako energy. People here use it every day.

Nepgear shrugs.

It's the life blood of this planet. But Shinra keeps suckin' the blood out with these weird machines.

I'm not here for a lecture. Let's just hurry.

That's it! You're comin' with me from now on.

Biggs and I got the code for this door.

Code deciphered.

The first door opens and they run through.

Think how many of our people risked their lives, just for this code...

Code deciphered.

The second door opens, and Jessie, Nepgear, and Fang enter the elevator.

Push that button over there!

Nepgear pushes the button.

Switch on.

Little by little the reactors'll drain out all the life. And that'll be that.

It's not my problem.

The planet's dyin', Nepgear!

The only thing I care about is finishin' this job before security and the Roboguards come.

Fang shakes his fist but says nothing. The elevator reaches the bottom and they exit. After heading down a set of stairs, Jessie hangs back to let the other two continue on.

Push the [OK] button in front of a ladder to grab on to it. After that, use the [Directional button] to move up and down.

Fang and Nepgear eventually reach the core of the reactor.

When we blow this place, this ain't gonna be nothin' more than a hunka junk.
Nepgear, you set the bomb.

Shouldn't you do it?

Jus' do it! I gotta watch to make sure you don't pull nothin'.

Fine, be my guest.

For an instant, everything goes red and Nepgear stands on tiptoe. There is a sharp humming noise.

Watch out!
This isn't just a reactor!!

......What's wrong?


What's wrong, Nepgear? Hurry it up!

...Yeah, sorry.

Nepgear sets the bomb. Alarms go off and he looks around.

Heads up, here they come!

They enter a battle with the Guard Scorpion.

Fang, be careful!
Attack when its tails up
It's gonna counter with its laser!

In spite of Nepgear's poorly-translated advice, they defeat the Guard Scorpion.

Come on, let's get outta here!

Ten minutes to detonation!

Heading out, Nepgear comes across Jessie, trying to tug her foot out of a hole in the walkway. He crouches down beside her to help.

You all right?

My leg got stuck.

Leg freed, she jumps over him and runs on. Nepgear follows her back up the elevator. (If you fail to help Jessie going up, Biggs will tell you "Jessie hasn't come up yet," and you have to go back down to help her anyway.)

Let's go!

Code deciphered.
All right, be careful

Code deciphered.

The lot of them run from the reactor, across the bridge to the exit Wedge was guarding. Fang accidentally bowls Jessie over, Nepgear helps her up, and they make it through the doorway just as the reactor blows.


"FINAL FANTASY VII", with a release date of December 1996 
After I Got Goddess and Vile God Routes Done in my Youtube Channel, I am Finally into Evil Goddess Route. However I will edit it just like these Two Routes, So Here are the Planned Scenes for them:

Girls Have Food Scene: Ram Meets Noire

Fighting the Vile God for 2nd Time: Ram and Adult Nepsy team up

Sol Plains (Evil Goddess): Same as before

Zawaza Plains (Evil Goddess): Same as before

*Lola joins* Fang Treats her like Crap

Justice Society Camp: Same as before

*Mages, Uni, Agnes joins*

Bui Valley (Evil Goddess): End, Ram's Group Does not see Tiara at all.

Katticus Ice Cave (Evil Goddess): Same as before

Scripted Boss: Pappin

*Pippin joins party during cutscene*

Boss: Pappin

*Main Party lets Tiara stay out of the Group, And She joins Neptune's Group instead*

Dasuhiro Plains: Same as before

Dorall Wine Factory: After Dungeon, Oblivion Portal 5, Totem Defend, Queen Boss (Turok 2)

Omega Quintet Dungeon 1: (Neptune) (Hunt down 2 Club Members!)

Sedipua Den: During Dungeon, Oblivion Portal 6, After Dungeon, Lola gets Mortally Wounded by Unknown Club Member, Mother Boss as Unknown Club Member Grows into One, After Defeating him he Escapes and Turns back into Sherman after doing so.

Dorall Central Factory: After Sherman's Defeat,  Chiaki Dies and then gets Revived, And Ragna forces her to join the Group.

Cavare Desert (Evil Goddess): Same as Before

Omega Quintet Dungeon 2: (Neptune) (Destroy the Ship that's Powering the Club!)

Kidanar (Evil Goddess): Apllonius Revives after Dying in a Custom Cutscene

Rey=A=Rimus Ruins: Same until...

Boss: Evil Goddess Junown: After 1st Fight, Sherman and Apllonius's Souls only not Appear, But Lola does too. After the Fight, Instead of Junown Disappearing, Ram powers up her Sword with the Souls, Giving her enough Power to impales Junown, just sticking her scythe as she dissipates and slowly dies while laughing. She even tops it off with a cool Pre-Mortem One-Liner.

"Be devoured by the infinite darkness... Evil Goddess Junown."

After The Original Credits and a FMV Finishes, Another Credits Roll appears, This time showing the Staff I worked on this Playthrough


Kurome and Bodyguard: Remains the same as before

Eryn and Harley: Remains the same as before

Emily and Lola: Lola's not in that scene due to being Mortally Wounded from Unknown Club Member (who Turns out to be Sherman, Who's Dead), So Apllonius takes her Place instead.

Ultra Noire, Falcom, Mages: They Talk about what's going on.

Pagia and Marianna: Same as before.

Ragna and Adult Nepsy: Same as before, After that, Chiaki comes rushing in and asks to Ragna about joining with Adult Nepsy's Group.

Tiara and Noie: Same as before.

Neptune, Noire and Tiara: They talk.

Galdo and Marissa: Same as before.

Gordeau and Lola: Lola lays down in the Same Hospital where Marissa's inside, But in her Own Bed, Still in her Swimsuit without any Footwear. Gordeau talks to her

Ram and Noie: Same as before, But Expended to where they get Eryn, and visit the Grave Site where all the Dead Characters Resides.



Raffine Lavigne
"The Name's Raffine52. I'm the one who decides my fate, even if I have to will that fate into existence. Make sure to never forget that."

Hello. If you found my Profile, Good. Feel Free to look around my Profile for all the Stuff from Any Game Series I could find.

My Twitter Account:


Sorry for the lack of Internet for a few hours. My Internet Router is pretty old, and before my Computer was unplugged, It was working fine, But after it was unplugged, Now it does not work.
That was random (3D)
Noire: "Ugh... Just go back to playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Okay?"

Another Picture Recreated in 3D with LunaPrincessNinjato's Permission.

GMOD Neptunia: K-Sha Artwork
K-Sha is a member of Gold Third. A student of the Lastation school for girls. She excels in both academics and sports, and rumor has it she is quite popular with the boys. Her hobbies are music appreciation and performance, and she's also skilled at rhythm games due to her quick reflexes. She used to be an agent of the Order which seemed like a pretty tough spyish group and she was one of them so yeah she probably can crawl pretty well, and she has special forces level training based in how she is so I'm certain she can swim better than others and most likely hold her breath for a REALLY long time.


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