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Tales of Magic - Sorceress

A Sorceress i made for the browser based game "Tales of Magic".
Made with in photoshop in a very big resolution (we also made stand-up figures out of the image, 2 metres high :) )

C&C Welcome!
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Her face reminds me a lot of Marina Sirtis. Awesome work :)
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Wonderful! great color scheme and everything!
This is exceptional! I'm thoroughly impressed by the artistry and detail. Fantastic!
Player-Designer's avatar
Wow, this is beautiful!
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May I ask how this was drawn? I saw the pic on ToM and noticed that even the shading looks exactly the same as in this. I only ask because the two images look way too similar in too many ways.
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I work at Redmoon Studios,... the picture was drawn by me and is the one from tales of magic ;)
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oh okay, just thought I would ask :)
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It looks so much better than on ToM.
alienatedallie's avatar
omfg !!! this is amazing :D :D !!
Vierna-Drottingu's avatar
wow 0.0 I mean, details are just :wow:

awesome job! :D
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Wow dude! Those fire effects are really really good!! I really like the character!! Although i have read that its from tales of magic, i wouldnt have drawn that hat!! (I dont like hat xDDDD)
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She is very beautiful :D I play "Tales of Magic" even right now :P
sparchert's avatar
wow thats fantastic well done :D ^_^
joseotaku's avatar

I love it! Great job on it. :D
synthoverseer's avatar
Too good for a browser game. :) This piece is standing out for itself. Keep up the good work!
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hey , i play on this onlinegame because this picture ^^
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Well, the details are freakin' awesome!
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I play Tales of magic and I think she looks awesome!
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