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Urban Like Dock for AWN

By rafeviper
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Anoother theme for AWN based on the awesome work of emey87 - Urban Dock [link] hope you like it!

To install it, do the next steps:

1. Extract the .tgz file.
2. Open "Preferences" of AWN.
3. Go to Themes.
4. Click on Install and search the file, then select it.

Tip: To make it look like the preview, change this on the Advance settings on AWN:

Panel offset: 21
Monitor Y-offset: 9
Reflection alpha-multiplier: 0.300
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Brilliant design. Is that tequila?
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Haha, nope :D :D that's one of the finest whiskies: Jack Daniels! Hell yeah! :D :D :D
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Ah, glad to know. Finally, first linux user I found, you use ubuntu right?
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Of course dude :D :D :D Believe it or not, this place has a lot of Linux users =) and Ubuntu is not the only distro used here =)
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I suppose, but seriously I love Ubuntu way too much.
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So far, me too =) =) I hope they keep doing a good job =)
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My thought exactly :lol:
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You can't believe how happy I was on seeing this. I thought I could finally get rid of Docky. But it's probably due to AWN theme limitations, it just isn't that good. ;(
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Actually, AWN has much more to offer, but if they had eye-fish effect, I definitely still be using it =)
Indeed. But why doesn't it look as good as my Docky, then? I thought it had to do with theme limitations. The metal part doesn't look as shiny and lustrous. ;)

Anyway, thanks for the theme.
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That's because AWN doesn't work good with patterns as background, AWN slightly blurs it, that is why. I realized that when I was trying to create an AWN theme with 1 px lines as backgroudn... it became 2 px lines but looked blur...
Yeah, well, that's unfortunate :S
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Yeap, it is... I hope they can fix it =)
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Looks great! Thanks for sharing it :D
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Thanx dude :D You're welcome :D :D :D
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