The Nature of the Beast

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 "Nine thousand, four hundred and seventy-two."
 "It takes that many people to make an alternative reality."
 "I thought everyone did, all the time."
 "They do."
 "Whenever a sentient makes a decision, it spawns a number of quantum realities equal to the number of possible outcomes."
 "Only sentients?"
 "Of course."
 "Isn't that a bit elitist?"
 "No, only those with the capabilities to understand quantum mechanics can influence at that level."
 "I found that many alternate realities re-integrate with the main through someone else’s decision. The interactions are so complex that there is significant re-integration due to the sheer volume of decisions made."
 "Okay, back to nine thousand etcetera."
 "I got curious. Could you define the critical point where a created reality will perpetuate without re-integration?"
 "So after months of supercomputer number crunching, I have a validated proof."
 “From the way you’re brandishing that file, I feel us slow scientists will need a coffee. Want one?”
 “Get me an espresso.”
 “No way. You get a nice calming latte.”
 “Okay, maybe I am a little wired.”
 “Precisely. Back in five.”
 “Just me and my Nobel Prize winning research paper at last.”
 “Not quite.”
 “Ye gods! How the hell did you get in and who are you?”
 “I came through the door.”
 “The door is over there.”
 “It moved? No matter. It's nine thousand seven hundred and forty-two."
 "You were nearly right. Everything creates quantum potential before each choice. The amount of potential determines the duration of the alternates. But in every case there will only be one continuance from each nexus unless there is creational mass or it is the nascency of a fundamental event."
 "Who are you?"
 “You have no concepts to create the words to describe what I am.”
 “Try me.”
 “I am an Intervention.”
 “I sense a capitalisation there. Why?”
 “You have no concepts to create the words to describe what I am. But you insisted, so I chose a word.”
 “You can call me schmetterling if you wish. It makes no difference and has the same relevance to what I am and how you understand me.”
 “Oh-kay. Why are you here?”
 “Your research, when refined, leads to epiphanies and entire communities die so their alternate will meet their god, rule the world, you get the idea. So many, in fact, that the quantum resonance of those creational moments creates another layer of consciousness within the entity itself."
 "Fanatics drive reality insane."
 “Simplest explanation available using your limited language set.”
 “I don’t understand. Entity? Reality is a thing?”
 “Yes, a finite thing on a scale perceived as infinite to most.”
 “Now you see why you have to die and your research be lost.”
 “You can’t.”
 “I can.”
 “But every time you shoot me, you create an alternate. You’ll never stop.”
 “I will. I move from here to five minutes ago in the alternate where I don’t kill you and do this again. When I get to an alternate where you agree with me that you must end, there will be no quantum branching. I’ve had this conversation with you sixty-three thousand, four hundred and thirty-one times, and I am finally seeing doubt in your eyes.”
 “How long have you been doing this?”
 “All my life and less time than it takes for the electrical potential of your brain to fade.”
 “Bright, so bright…”
 “Hey, they got fresh Danish in the shop – Oh my god! Help! Get some help in here!”
A little something from the experimental side of my writing, a vignette told in dialogue alone.

This story is one of the many in my first science fantasy anthology, Destinies.

Which can be bought in paperback form from here: (scroll down, it's the last book on the page).

Or as an ebook (multiple formats) from here:…

And for Apple devices from iTunes:…

For further details, the Destinies page on my website is…
© 2011 - 2021 Rafellin
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Updated to published version and book links added.

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Fascinating. Great concept with a dash of wit.
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My pleasure. I'm happy I stumbled upon you. :)
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Fantastic and very amusing! :)
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Really good. Loved it. Refreshing. :)
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This is damn good stuff. The pure dialogue form is one of my favourites stylistically when done right. This was rendered with great aplomb. :D
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Did you ever read, The Man Who Folded Himself? Based on this piece, I think you would find it quite interesting. It's short, it can be read in an hour or so. I recommend it.
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One presumes so. But one is not going to enquire too deeply... just in case :)
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Nurse .... more medication needed!!!! No, not for him, for me!!!! ;)

Does that number include rounding errors?
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