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There's a drum in our sun and it's beating out of time.
It was the Doc who said that we needed to "Fix it".
The scientists said we should look for another system, because suns wind down.
Doc said "What if they don't have to?"
So the scientists took away his membership.
That's when Doc and me we went to the low orbits and got all the redundant big ships and the even more redundant machines that used to maintain them and we went away and built a BIG ship. Just one. Then I hired the swarm of little ones we needed to protect it.
We used that ship to push Mercury in. Hard and fast.
We named it 'Clear'.
There's a drum in our sun and it sounds like a heartbeat again.
The scientists have asked Doc to come back and he's told them to fuck off because we had a visitor yesterday.
He's big and has stars where his body should be and his cloak smells of ozone and dead gods.
He's got a problem and we just did something that could give him an answer.
But between the three of us, we need to figure out how big the lump needs to be.
Then we can work out how big 'Clear Two' will have to be.
The scientists are going to be pissed.
Which is rude. Because if we don't make them unhappy again, they'll be dead along with us and all creation.
Ungrateful bastards.
Still having fun over on the 365 Tomorrows forum with the 'write a flash fiction story for this title' game. I'm especially enjoying it because I can take the brakes off a bit and let my adherence to the sci-fi biased template that I use for my staff writer tales slide. Time to rock 'n' roll a little. :D

Wrote this barebrain into the reply box after the title was posted, then sat back and read what had spilled out. I do believe my pre-teen reading of Doctor Strange has hooked up with my lifelong love of Mick Farren's fiction. This is the slightly tidied version.

I like it, but that's the problem. Us writers can never really be unbiased about our spawn :) But I do hope you like it too.

This story will appear in my May 2015 science fantasy anthology, Infinity.

For further details, the Infinity page on my website is…
SimonJM Featured By Owner May 27, 2013
Who needs membership when you can pot planets ... ;)
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