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Scathe - front cover by Rafellin Scathe - front cover by Rafellin
Twenty years ago, a friend and I had an idea to do a freeform, co-authored, horror project. No plan, just write. I did the opening piece, he did the next, and so on. After a dozen sections, with the work being passed back & forth when we visited or met up, life got in the way and several things changed.

We toyed with a restart, possibly a lighter theme, but it never came to anything. This dark tale of unholy revenge and mad science never reached the violent, righteous finale it was so obviously headed towards.

The words lay in my scrap file for years, then got scanned into a folder: thirty pages and a couple of patchwork scans of collated notes and scribblings. As years went by, I revisited the project occasionally, usually renaming it once again and sometimes writing another short piece.

For the last five years, it lay forgotten. However, I am a compulsive storymaker and as such, have to keep a firm rein on the random fragments I frequently scribble down or type out. While conducting my annual housecleaning of the story folders, this tale caught my eye. As I'd been vetting some of my spare cover images, the mockup cover for 'Scathe' was fresh in mind. Whether the vague stirrings of this tale prompted the cover, I can't say. But the two go together well and with the blessing of my old friend, this rather epic, brutal, and gory confrontation so long in the making will finally see the light of print (and ebook).
SimonJM Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017
It sounds to be a fun little romp! :)
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March 14, 2017
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