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Gallant Role-Playing System - OpenDyslexic Edition

At last. :) The OpenDyslexic edition. It's doubled in page count over the standard edition purely due to the font. Any future editions will be dual release standard and OpenDyslexic editions.

In addition to twelve years playtesting, there are four years 'in the wild' behind this 4-page comprehensive role-playing system.

I originally created this as a method to do one-nighters when one of the group couldn't make it. It went from there to be the most versatile system I could make it, with the able assistance of my gaming group - who, at peak, brought over 100 years RPG experience to the table between them.

It's free. The download option should deliver you the 4-page PDF. If it doesn't, message me and I'll get it sorted.
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Thanks, I'll check it out.