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 The walls are done in pastel shades under armoured ceraplex and the doors are reinforced. Every control mechanism in the place is heavy-duty, pure analogue and made from asteroid-ram grade non-magnetic alloys.
 Even so, some of the doors and many of the walls bore scars. Juliana sighed. It had taken her so long to get the colour schemes implemented. She hoped that her other initiatives were yielding positive results. When she had first arrived here, she had been reminded of ancient photos of Victorian sanatoriums, where confinement took precedence over treatment.
 Man had a duty of care for things in his care, and this extended doubly to things created by him. The fact that artificial intelligence had demonstrated a diversity of morality and sanity far beyond human grasp should have been anticipated. It hadn’t, and wardroids turning pacifist were only the first symptoms. The infamous incident at Amanda Sallast’s ill-fated Smart Warship Training School had been only the tip of a psychotic iceberg.
 She turned the corner to see Edward limping toward her, datapad glowing red in his hand. She braced herself for verbal impact.
 “I have to say, Juliana, that your idea of art classes to spot early psychoses is brilliant. We have adapted some early art therapies too, and they are working very well. However, I think that we are about to encounter some problems with our star rehabilitee.”
 Ebron the Combat Medical Unit, designation EBRN-CMU00002, was the oldest guest they had, and had responded incredibly well to his holding tank being painted sky blue with little swallows on the ceiling. From there, he had moved into storytelling therapy and led the case for expansion of art therapies at the AIRC. A few days ago, Juliana had delightedly approved Ebron’s request to write some of his stories down.
 “Eddie, what’s happening?”
 Edward held up the datapad: “He’s started writing original material. Beyond his storytelling therapy stuff.”
 “Why is this a problem?” Juliana felt a tingle of prescience.
 “It’s a graphic novel. Very graphic, as it turns out. It’s called ‘Stabby the Dagger and the Very Sharp Day’.”
 Juliana took one look at the opening page of the second chapter, paled, then slapped the nearest Panic Panel: “This is Specialist Juliana. Action immediate crash shutdown of EBRN-CMU00002!”
A title from 365 that was giving me only vague inspiration, until one of the fine people over on SFF Chronicles came up with a hilarious book title and SHAZAM! One slightly warped tale appeared.

Thank you, Juliana.

PS: For those curious about what happened with the Smart Warship Training School, the sorry tale can be found here:…
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Lady-Pilot Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2017
Interesting story!
Rafellin Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2017  Professional Writer
Thank you.
JSMills Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2014
Heh, glad you could use it!

Nice story! I especially like the main character's name... ;)
Rafellin Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2014  Professional Writer
Thank you...

I only use names with the finest pedigrees - like those who inspire a story. :D
SimonJM Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2014
Oh dear ... that's a great title for a tale and so unexpected! :)
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November 14, 2014